A tropical fruit with a spiny, diamond-patterned, greenish-brown skin and swordlike leaves. The edible juicy yellow flesh beneath the rough skin and surrounding a hard core has a distinctive tangy sweet taste. The name "pineapple" comes from the fruit's resemblance to a pine cone. Pineapples are fat-free, cholesterol-free and high in fiber and vitamin C. One 3/4 cup serving of fresh diced pineapple contains only 57 calories.

"Pineapple" is also a slang term for a hand grenade. At, the term usually refers to the fruit.

Interesting Pineapple Facts
  • If you dream about eating or serving pineapple, you will have social success. If you dream of grwing or harvesting pineapple, you will have a steamy new love affair.

  • In the mid-15th Centry, pinapples were carried on sailing vessels to prevent scurvy.

  • In the Carribean, pinapple is called "anana" which is the naitive Tupi word for "excellent fruit".

  • Pineapples take about 18 months to mature, compared to 3 to 4 months for most other fruits.

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