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Please Note: Every cereal in The Cereal Project database has its very own message board. If your post or interest is about a specific cereal, consider posting on that cereal's page.

Please let us know if we've missed any cereals in The Cereal Project Database. Any information you can provide to help prove that a cereal existed would help greatly.
On this bulletin board, we encourage users to post links to cereal boxes they are offering for sale or trade. Just paste a link in the optional URL field to show off your goods, ie. links to eBay auctions, etc. If you're looking for a particular cereal box, let people know and check back soon for possible replies.
This is where people can just chat about cereal.

Most Recent Cereal Topic Posts:

"I have approx 100-125 cereal boxes that I need to get rid of. Most are 90's Wheaties they cover Jordan's Olympic dream team and many others. Any reasonable offer accepted. Serious replies can get list."
By: frank55 (Team Breakfast Member)
Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 4/20/2018 (#1212)

"Re my last message: the Wheaties boxes are from 1989 - 2016. I can be reached at greg(dot)chrisc6(@)yahoo(dot)com."
By: GREGO (Team Breakfast Member)
Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 4/19/2018 (#1211)

"Anybody remember a hot cereal called Hi Graham? It tasted like graham crackers, probably from early 1960's?"
By: nostalgic
Board: Missing Cereals
Comment submitted: 4/5/2018 (#1208)

"I was a cereal buyer back in late 80's and 90's. I have several cereal box flats that I acquired from that time. Some are buyer's samples, which might be rarer. Some examples: Honey Frosted Wheaties with Tiger Woods, Corn Flakes with Nolan Ryan, Dale Ernhardt on Honey Frosted Wheaties, USA Olympic Crunch, Reggie Jackson Frosted Mini Wheats. email josephsperling(at)yahoo(dot)com"
Comment submitted: 4/3/2018 (#1207)

"Inherited a bunch of Wheaties boxes from lance Armstrong to Tiger woods if interested email me at toddrogers66(at)gmail(dot)com"
By: brothers boxes
Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 4/3/2018 (#1206)

"Looking for 'Cap'n Crunch Freedom Crunch' cereal box. Red white and blue - limited edition. I have seen a picture online from a store in Minnesota - summer/Fall 2017. If you have one - please let me know. plymouthpwr(at)comcast(dot)net"
By: the-omega-man
Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 3/12/2018 (#1199)

"Cinnamon Churros Crunch Concept/Test Market unopened box 2017. Not in production. anyone interested?"
By: xtcgo2 (Team Breakfast Member)
Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 3/5/2018 (#1198)

"Just bought a box of Post Shredded Wheat as I couldn't find Nabisco brand. No flavor and not crazy about the texture. I miss the other brand :( SWheatlover"
By: SWheatlover
Board: General Cereal Talk
Comment submitted: 3/2/2018 (#1197)

"Looking for Post Sugar Rice Krinkles boxes, 1959-1963, with Plymouth and Thunderbird toys as in-pack premiums or mail-in offers. Also, I have a new-old-stock 1989 box of BatMan Cereal, unopened, with a scale model Batmobile inside. jhoust60/ at / gee mail / / dot / / com. THANK you."
By: Mr. F&F (Team Breakfast Member)
Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 2/19/2018 (#1195)

"I got 2 of the Vancouver 2010 Special Edition Cheerios boxes."
By: Pleasurevalt
Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 2/18/2018 (#1193)

Most Recent Individual Cereal Comments:

Frosted Mini-Wheats: Big Bite
Country Porch commented on Frosted Mini-Wheats: Big Bite Cereal
"The Big Bites were perfect(AWESOME). The mini bites are too hard (YUCK). I liked the crunchy softness and taste of the Big Bite. I too tried the mini bites, gave them to the birds and never bought another box."
Comment submitted: 4/25/2018 (#22968)

French Toasters
Mr. Winter commented on French Toasters Cereal
"This cereal is very similar to the Honey Graham Toasters from Malt-O-Meal, but these have a lot of obvious sugar crystals on the outside and these are even better! The french toast taste isn't as pronounced or distinct as it is with French Toast Crunch, but these are even better in their own way."
Comment submitted: 4/25/2018 (#22965)

Nature Valley: Baked Oat Bites
"Great until you put milk on it, then it turns into mush. Five stars as a dry snack, and one star as breakfast with milk. Average: Three."
Comment submitted: 4/24/2018 (#22964)

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