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Please Note: Every cereal in The Cereal Project database has its very own message board. If your post or interest is about a specific cereal, consider posting on that cereal's page.

Please let us know if we've missed any cereals in The Cereal Project Database. Any information you can provide to help prove that a cereal existed would help greatly.
On this bulletin board, we encourage users to post links to cereal boxes they are offering for sale or trade. Just paste a link in the optional URL field to show off your goods, ie. links to eBay auctions, etc. If you're looking for a particular cereal box, let people know and check back soon for possible replies.
This is where people can just chat about cereal.

Most Recent Cereal Topic Posts:

"Hello everyone! I came into a LARGE collection of cereal boxes when my father-in-law passed. They range from the late 70s to around 2010. Please email me if there are any you've been searching for. chelsey(dot)glennon(dot)az(at)gmail.com"
Comment submitted: 1/31/2020 (#1993)

"I have two empty and flattened boxes of Trix cereal that were part of a General Mills testing survey. I was received them 20+ years ago while grocery shopping when asked to take part in a survey for General Mills. They have the traditional Trix logo and look is entirely black and white and are labeled "test first" and "test second" on the top of the boxes. Any idea what they might be worth? Thanks!"
Comment submitted: 1/27/2020 (#1989)

"I have a cereal box collection from the '90s that I want to sell. There are also some from the 50's and 60's as well as some premiums. I will be glad to send a list of everything I have to anyone who is interested. You can e-mail me at sgpodlena(at)gmail(dot)com"
By: Sharman (Team Breakfast Member)
Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 1/18/2020 (#1985)

"I am looking for a box of COSMIC KRISPIES from the early 90s. If anyone has one for sale please email me at airxiii(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks."
Comment submitted: 1/8/2020 (#1981)

"What is the value of a 2001 Kellogg's 3 Point Pops cereal box limited edition unopened?"
By: Julie! (Team Breakfast Member)
Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 12/24/2019 (#1973)

"I have a Wheaties box with Marcus Allen, it has super bowl number XXVIII, which it was misprinted at xvIII. Where do I go to get an appraisal? Thank you."
Comment submitted: 12/17/2019 (#1968)

"Hello - I have a 2007 unopened box of Spoon-Sized Shredded Wheat & Bran. It is one of the 9 collectible "Win it & Wear It" series of Canadian football team jerseys. Mine is of the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. You collect the boxes and enter the PIN printed inside the box for a chance to win the jersey. It's got a full length crease along the right front edge and the box bulges a bit but not too much. If interested, make an offer to wljames@teksavvy.com Thanks!"
By: cannycereal
Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 12/16/2019 (#1967)

"I have approx 125 Wheaties boxes, all opened and flat, dating from 1994 to 2010 that I would like to sell as a group. All in excellent condition. If interested, email ed (dot) feathers04 (at) gmail (dot) com."
Comment submitted: 12/13/2019 (#1965)

"I am looking to purchase a Jackie Joyner-Kersee Wheaties Cereal Box."
Comment submitted: 12/9/2019 (#1964)

"Looking for Evel Knievel Wheel's Sugar Frosted Cereal. Would have come out between 1974-1975. Please email me with ANY info on this whatsoever! Email address is: celeste(dot)amidon(at)aenetworks(dot)com"
By: evelcereal
Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 12/3/2019 (#1961)

Most Recent Individual Cereal Comments:

Muffets Shredded Wheat
spooks commented on Muffets Shredded Wheat Cereal
"When will Quaker Muffetts be available again?"
Comment submitted: 2/19/2020 (#24907)

Oat Bran
steve commented on Oat Bran Cereal
"This was my favorite, few people know that Barbara's multigrain spoonfuls was the exact same product, it is available at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and the like, however they recently changed the recipe to a 'new crunchier' version and ruined it."
Comment submitted: 2/19/2020 (#24906)

Team Flakes
Tim commented on Team Flakes Cereal
"It simply was the best tasting cereal ever, and stayed crispy in milk longer than any other flakes. The demand is out there - bring it back!"
Comment submitted: 2/18/2020 (#24903)

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