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Please Note: Every cereal in The Cereal Project database has its very own message board. If your post or interest is about a specific cereal, consider posting on that cereal's page.

Please let us know if we've missed any cereals in The Cereal Project Database. Any information you can provide to help prove that a cereal existed would help greatly.
On this bulletin board, we encourage users to post links to cereal boxes they are offering for sale or trade. Just paste a link in the optional URL field to show off your goods, ie. links to eBay auctions, etc. If you're looking for a particular cereal box, let people know and check back soon for possible replies.
This is where people can just chat about cereal.

Most Recent Cereal Topic Posts:

"I'm looking for a box of Buńuelitos if anyone has one please email bickersmatt(at)gmail(dot)com."
Comment submitted: 7/16/2019 (#1439)

"I have 23 boxes of Wheaties from the late 1990s to early 2000. There are some really great boxes, including a Flutie Flakes. Would love to sell them together, they are all unopened boxes."
By: Ringgold126
Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 7/15/2019 (#1438)

"Looking for a box of Kellogg's Cosmic Krispies from the early 90s if anyone has one. Thanks, airxiii(at)gmail(dot)com"
Comment submitted: 7/15/2019 (#1437)

"Back in the 80's Kellogg’s had a Frosted Apple Cinnamon Mini Wheats with little pieces of apples on top. I know it was sadly discontinued. This was one of my favorite cereals growing up. I wish they would make this again mmm so good... It was not on your list of cereals."
By: Donna49 (Team Breakfast Member)
Board: Missing Cereals
Comment submitted: 7/7/2019 (#1435)

"Hello everyone! I have numerous cereal boxes that I need to get rid of. Would love to see them in good hands! General Mills, Kellogg's, Post, Quaker Oats. Most are flats, but some full boxes. I have two odd ones: from Central Groceries, Buckeye Heroes Honey Nut toasted Oats with the 2002 Ohio State National Champs on front and JPL Marketing in Grosse Pointe, 1 with #91 hockey player Fedorov Crunch on front. Please email at pms1103@hotmail. com to inquire. I don't have a URL and I don't want to sell on Ebay. I also have Batman pop tart boxes and Spongebob MacnCheese box. Thanks so much!"
Comment submitted: 7/5/2019 (#1434)

"I have about 25 Wheaties flats. Michael Jordan, Tiger woods, Dale Earnhardt, assorted others 3 time MVP Brett Favre. What are prices for some of these?"
By: Dcb1doh (Team Breakfast Member)
Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 7/5/2019 (#1433)

"Trying to find a cereal that my girlfriend bought for me that was on sale at a local Kroger's last year. It was a very dark brown, square-ish/rectangle shaped cinnamon-sugar cereal (it may have also said brown sugar too). The texture and look was sort of like shredded wheat, but not as coarse, more smooth. It was also made with sorghum. I thought it was the Grain Berry - Frosted Cinnamon cereal, but it doesn't look the same as it has frosted sugar on it and this cereal was just a deep dark brown color with cinnamon, brown sugar and sorghum. This is literally the best cereal I've ever had. If anyone knows what it is, please let me know. Thanks!"
By: Guardic
Board: General Cereal Talk
Comment submitted: 7/3/2019 (#1431)

"I am looking for a Kellogg's brand cereal that had a competition to draw the best depiction of Bubsy Bobcat, a video game character. This probably would have happened when Bubsy was first released in 1993 but could have been in 1994 when the second game was released. Any help figuring out which cereal box this was would be appreciated. Can be reached at drclu(at)swbell(dot)net."
By: Doctor Clu
Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 6/14/2019 (#1415)

"I have a 3 pack of Wheaties of Ruth, Gehrig and Mays. All 3 are wrapped in the same plastic wrap together and have never been opened. Can someone tell me what they might be worth?"
Comment submitted: 6/8/2019 (#1413)

"Anyone have a Rainbow Brite box they'd consider parting with? Thanks very much. bullmed(at)hotmail(dot)com"
By: Crunch Enhancer
Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 6/7/2019 (#1412)

Most Recent Individual Cereal Comments:

Tnic commented on Krumbles Cereal
"Isn't there a Kellogg's product manager out there paying attention? If you're not going to bring it back at least license the formula to a company like Barbara's that has realized there's a huge market for unsweetened whole wheat to start the day. And to my taste Krumbles was the best of the best. And that's not nostalgia talking, read the comments, we can still taste it and feel the unique texture of those little shreds of whole wheat goodness. Anyone else ever try it with Pet Milk? Ok, that IS nostalgia. :)"
Comment submitted: 7/17/2019 (#24331)

Create A Crunch
ProcessedPape (Team Breakfast) commented on Create A Crunch Cereal
"Genius! I can't believe this wasn't successful enough to become a mainstay. I never saw it; this is the first I have heard of it. Seriously in disbelief that this wasn't a gigantic grand slam."
Comment submitted: 7/16/2019 (#24330)

Cinnamon Pebbles
ProcessedPape (Team Breakfast) commented on Cinnamon Pebbles Cereal
"Terrible cereal. If you ever tried dumping cinnamon on toasted white bread, that's the unpleasant experience of this stuff."
Comment submitted: 7/16/2019 (#24329)

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