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This is where people can just chat about cereal.
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Hi! One of these times, I'll get this RIGHT!! My favorite cold cereals were Alpha-Bits, Cocoa Puffs, Frosted Flakes (Kellogg's), Sugar Pops, and Wheaties Bran with Raisin Flakes. If I could, I'd go back to 1962 and stay there FOREVER. Be free. Mark
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As far as I know, Grape Nut Flakes has not changed their recipe. It tastes the same to me as it always has. The flakes have always gotten mushy after a few minutes. Currently, they have stopped production because of the Covid crisis. Hope they start back soon and do not change the flavor.

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I wouldn't mind seeing a Cinnamon Toast Crunch with banana cereal or even a Cinnamon Toast Crunch with chocolate. Or someone could combine all 3 of those combinations and have a Cinnamon Toast Crunch with cocoa and banana. I love putting banana in my Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I tried it, and it was amazing! I had all this come into my head while eating the cereal. You may even use what I have here as the name of the cereals, if you like it.
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I'm researching what it takes to market and sell a new breakfast cereal, specifically, a low-carb, keto variety. First, please share any recommendations you may have with me. I would appreciate that loads. My next question is, is there an American version of CEREAL? The European Breakfast Cereal Association? Thanks, everyone!
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I absolutely LOVED Jets cereal.... and then the sweetened it. I can't think of a single pre-sweetened cereal that I like.
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Trying to find a cereal that my girlfriend bought for me that was on sale at a local Kroger's last year. It was a very dark brown, square-ish/rectangle shaped cinnamon-sugar cereal (it may have also said brown sugar too). The texture and look was sort of like shredded wheat, but not as coarse, more smooth. It was also made with sorghum. I thought it was the Grain Berry - Frosted Cinnamon cereal, but it doesn't look the same as it has frosted sugar on it and this cereal was just a deep dark brown color with cinnamon, brown sugar and sorghum. This is literally the best cereal I've ever had. If anyone knows what it is, please let me know. Thanks!
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(Team Breakfast)
Comment #1408
Official Member: Team BreakfastWould anyone be interested in a phpBB forum site dedicated to cereal collectors? I am thinking of starting one...
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OK, what has happened to Grape Nuts Flakes. We were finally able to buy it again, but it is tasteless and mushes up much faster than it used to. I searched online whether they changed the recipe, but nothing there. Anyone else find it lacking in flavor?
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Comment #1344
Does anybody remember a hot cereal that tasted like graham crackers? It would have been the early 1960s, it was called Hygraham, although I don't remember the correct spelling. It was delicious, wish they would bring it back!
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Comment #1322
Just gave a Red Ranger Joe bowl and mug to a friend (Joe!) for his birthday. We cannot find information on the web about when these bowls and mugs were issued and how they were distributed (did you have to send in box tops? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks.
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Comment #1309
For a school project, we need to come up with a new cereal idea to pitch to the food companies. It has to be original and appeal to a demographic. We then have to design a box. ANY IDEAS FOR A NEW CEREAL?
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Comment #1197
Just bought a box of Post Shredded Wheat as I couldn't find Nabisco brand. No flavor and not crazy about the texture. I miss the other brand :( SWheatlover
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Comment #1044
Official Member: Team BreakfastThe most unique breakfast cereal taste for me was Raisins, Rice and Rye Cereal... do they have that in Europe still?
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Comment #1043
Official Member: Team BreakfastI loved Cinnamon Crunch (Jean LaFoote's) from Cap'n Crunch. Does anyone know if there is a cereal sold today that tastes the same?
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Comment #980
Does anyone remember a website for cereal connoisseurs called the Empty Bowl? It went offline around 2006. I miss that website. I spent many happy hours on it in college.
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Comment #952
Hi! I, too, really love this website!! Can somebody PLEASE help me identify a cold cereal that I KNOW existed? It's been SO long since I ate it and saw it that it almost seems as though it never existed. I'm not sure, but I believe that the last time I had this cereal, it was 1960-something. I believe that this cereal was a wheat flake cereal with small, flat, raisin-colored discs - these little discs were the defining feature of this cereal. My guess is that these dark little discs were dried and flattened raisins or grapes. I've looked and looked and looked. (As I'm able, I'll be going through this website's master cereal list.) This cereal must have disappeared decades ago! I KNOW that this cereal existed! For the life of me, I WISH that I could recall its name!! I'll be eternally grateful to anybody who gives me the name. Take care, Mark
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Comment #924
Official Member: Team BreakfastAnyone know of an allied trucking toy (orange) put in cereal boxes (brand unknown) around 1967-69?
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Comment #922
Official Member: Team BreakfastIs there any chance they will bring back Wheat Stackers? I loved that cereal? Also, stop making cereal with sugars even light sweeteners. I do not like sweet cereal so I am very limited as to what i can buy... I see a new cereal that's new multi grain... then it says lightly sweetened... yuck! Make more without the sugars! PLEASE!
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Comment #909
Hi, I googled cold cereal and found this site. I have an extremely good idea for a cereal. I have tested it randomly and everyone loves it and says I should make it and sell it. I am just wondering how to go about it with so many companies out there already. A health food store here said they are willing to sell it if I make it and they like it and think it will sell. I am clueless on ALL of this. Not really sure what to do because this actually can save lots of people around the world if this is mass produced too. It's extremely healthy and EASY is all I can say about it here. Thanks for any ideas on how to go about this. I am afraid if I collaborate with any cereal companies they will just take my idea and use them for their own profits and not mine... It is so simple I am surprised no company has thought of this idea too. Really appreciate your input. Thanks again!
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Comment #855
Official Member: Team BreakfastCan some one please tell me if they have seen Cocomotion by New Morning? I've been looking for years.
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Comment #842
Official Member: Team BreakfastCan anyone give me the name of a white label cereal manufacturer. I would like to have a limited run of an O's type cereal made for me.
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Comment #824
There is a new cereal restaurant that opened in my area. The Bowl and Spoon Cereal Cafe opened in Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga. If you are in the area check it out in the food court. They have a good assortment of all types of cereals. They even take requests.
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Comment #525
I have this memory of a cereal that I can't seem to find anywhere and it's possible that I made up the memory. Can anyone help? It's a cinnamon-sugar cereal. I seem to remember that the cartoon character was a wolf and the cereal was shaped like little circular wind wisps? Anyone have any ideas what this might be or whether or not I'm making it up? I grew up in the 90s, if that helps with a timeline?
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Comment #499
I bought unopened boxes of Urkel O's and Batman Returns cereals off ebay and promptly opened them upon arrival and indulged. The Urkel O's tasted OK if not somewhat like Captain Crunch Berry with a papery taste, while the Batman one was rather tasteless. Who else here has bought old cereals for the sake of seeing how edible they are? I'm looking to see what else I can find that will give me an experience I'll never forget (hopefully not on the toilet... so far I seem safe there).
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Comment #495
I USED to have a candy recipe using Popeye Sweet Puffs cereal. The main ingredients were sweet puffs, butterscotch chips, peanuts, light Karo syrup and butter(?). That candy recipe appeared on the back of the cereal bag over 20 years ago and somehow, with a couple of moves to different homes, I lost the recipe. I've been searching for several years and still cannot find it. If anyone has it, I would be very grateful if you would be so kind to share it. THANKS SO MUCH!!!
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Comment #350
I was wondering if any of the baby-boomers here remember getting stickers out of cereal boxes from the Mercury Space program. They were the logos from the different flights. "Friendshp 7", "Sigma 7", etc. I think they came in boxes of Cap'n Crunch, but I could be mistaken. I was only 2 or 3 when they came out. Thanks in advance.
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Comment #349
Official Member: Team Breakfastmarty: Your book does not have "Hoots" cereal from the 70's. I love your book... I have it. mylstar@aol.com
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Comment #337
Hello! I noticed your comments on this site. This is Marty Gitlin, author of The Great American Cereal Book. I was happy to read that a couple of you had written about the book on this thread.

I would be happy to autograph and personalize a copy of The Great American Cereal Book for you. Just to go to the book website at the following address and follow the really easy directions:



Marty Gitlin

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Comment #312
I been voting for over a year on my favorite cereal but I notice yesterday That Life got 972 votes, Super Sugar Crisp got 909, Kellogg's Corn Flakes got 434, Post Raisin Bran got 528, Cherrios got 311, Nut & Honey Crunch got 310, Kix got 191, Total got 199, Kellogg's Raisin Bran got 111 and Golden Crisp lost 300 votes. I'm only trying to be fair to all those who just vote once a day.
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Comment #311
Wondering if anyone knows where you can buy (for a reasonable price) in the US, Jordan's Country Crisp cereal. Just went on a trip to France, and our ex-pat hosts had this amazing tasting cereal, which also seemed to be healthy! Any comments would be helpful.
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Official Member: Team BreakfastHi I am looking for a picture of a doll (actual doll not paper doll) from a Kellogg box from the late 1950s. The doll is a majorette. There is a small pic posted on this site, 40% Bran Flake box, posted by crawfish Mike. It appears there is a larger pic of the doll on the back of the packaging (not posted that I can find). Appreciate any help. Thanks in advance, E
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Comment #298
Quispnquake, thanks for your suggestion. I picked up a copy of The Great American Cereal Book at the bookstore. I was browsing through it for about two hours when I got home.

What a fun read! Plus the photos of the old boxes and memorabilia were really sharp. Great book. Thanks for turning me on to it!

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Comment #297
I can not seem to find Oatmeal Raisin Crisp anywhere lately. What's up with that?
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Comment #296
Hey, cereal lovers - I just received the greatest cereal book. It's called The Great American Cereal Book. It's a really fun, funny, colorful breakfast cereal encyclopedia and coffee table book. It's got hundreds of images of cereal boxes and memorabilia going back from the late 1800s to the present. Amazing. I ordered it on Amazon, but it's also in bookstores.

The reviews for the book have been great, which is why I got it. It was in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. It was also in some website called Boing Boing.

It's only $20 (less on Amazon). You all will LOVE this book! You can't beat if for the price, either. This is the first GREAT cereal book!
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Comment #280
I would like a picture of the Cheerios girl who wore braids and bows and a red dress with a peter pan collar for the memoir I am writing. - Bea Walker Siros
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Comment #278
I know you check the votes in top 10 everyday and it had some of the brands receiving more then the normal votes.I would also point out that Cocoa Krispies got 81 votes, Fruit loops got over 80, Honey Comb got 51, Trix got 90,and Grape Nuts got 120 votes since yesterday morning. I don't think it fair to those who vote once a day for their favorite cereal to have one person to vote so many times.
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Cereal Lover
Comment #268
4 days ago Count Chocula got a 100 votes and they were never taken away. But Fortified Oat Flakes has votes taken away every time it passes anyone. Why does it always get penalized, when other get more votes then usual.

From Mr Breakfast: Thanks for pointing that out. I checked the traffic and the votes for Count Chocula were almost all from Facebook visitors with unique IP addresses. I suspect someone urged all their friends to vote. So that bump was legitimate. Thanks a lot for the post.
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Comment #266
Hi, I just LOVE cereal and this year I am SOOOOOOOOOO lucky because I am studying the nutrition facts of cereal in math at school. It is not like other math because it is FUN math!!!!!
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Comment #223
I love my Alpha-Bits but the stores down here in Florida are not selling. If they are taking off the market for nutrition reason, why don't they have a reduced sugar Alpha-Bits and also the regular Alpha-Bits. I love the sugar!! Please bring it back.
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(Team Breakfast)
Comment #221
Official Member: Team BreakfastCount Chocula is ruined. They changed the recipe. Its gross now. Feels like you are eating nothing and tastes nothing like chocolate. They now also poured on vitamins. Buy the old boxes when you still can. No don't, save them for me.
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Comment #216
Official Member: Team BreakfastThis is by far favorite website. I live in Mexico, born and raised in central Mexico, and even though I donīt get to enjoy american cereals as often as I would love to, I get to buy them from time to time when Walmart imports cereals made in the US. It's amazing the amount of cereals you lucky guys have in your country! Mr. breakfast! You do know about cereals! I admire you, your site is awesome.
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(Team Breakfast)
Comment #202
Official Member: Team BreakfastI would like to see Post bring back a variety pack with their cereals in it. I see the General Mills and King's variety packs in the stores. It would be awesome to get a different choice of cereals.
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Comment #200
Hi, do you not get Quaker's Harvest Crunch in the US?? I guess so because it is quite common and I don''t see it around...

Also I remember eating some "marvin the martian cereal" once, but I haven't been able to find anything about it, I remember it was purple and had marvin on it, this was around 1995-1998 and I'm almost sure it came form the states. I only had a one serving size box.

Awesome Web site, very carefully done!
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Comment #199
I'm so glad you make healthy breakfast instead of all junk food! Keep up the healthy work!

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Oat Flake Lover
Comment #198
Mr. Breakfast, how about making a bar chart for each company showing the votes for each cereal. (cereal names listed vertically, bars signifying votes horizontal.) A similar chart showing the number of comments for each cereal would also be interesting.
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Comment #197
Please watch this video (link below) about the trix rabbit getting mad at kids for stealing his cereal!!! It is so funny!!

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(Team Breakfast)
Comment #188
Official Member: Team BreakfastMister Breakfast your site is so full of terrific cereal memories. I love this site ALMOST as much as cereal itself.
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(Team Breakfast)
Comment #187
Official Member: Team BreakfastMoon Mystery there was a cereal called Moonstones. Was that it?
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Anon the Mouse
Comment #178
I really do like this site. Are there any UK cereals here?
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(Team Breakfast)
Comment #177
Official Member: Team BreakfastYou were the featured website in Daily Dose today... which you probably already know... but if not...

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Comment #166
Great Job Mr. Breakfast! Cereal project is really well done.
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Comment #162
Vote for your favorite cereal mascot.

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Anonymous Breakfast Lover
(Team Breakfast)
Comment #161
Official Member: Team BreakfastAmazing job. I just spent about a half an hour looking at cereals. The old commercials are so fun. Steven Rogers in Marina Del Rey, CA.
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Comment #160
Back in the mid 90s, there were a few cereals packaged not in boxes, but were 'famous' bed and breakfast inn's cereals. Anyone remember them?
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(Team Breakfast)
Comment #157
Official Member: Team BreakfastBrilliant work Mister Breakfast!

For MoonMystery: I think you're thinking of Freakies (1970s; Ralston).

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El Scorcho
Comment #154
You should put all the Star Wars and Star Trek cereals on one page. Took a lot of clicks to find them all. But other than that, this website is AWESOME. Great job.
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Moon Mystery
Comment #153
Looking for a cereal and don't remember the name. The characters we're moon men, maybe 10 of them. The cereal tastes like Lucky Charms and definitely had marshmallows. Anybody know?
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(Team Breakfast)
Comment #152
Official Member: Team BreakfastMr Dude - This cereal project rocks. I've been coming to your site on and off for recipes and always wondered why you didn't have more cereal stuff. Looks like you were building it up. Sweet Job! Love the hangman game with the pancake. Hilarious.
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Comment #150
I'm loving this site! I just spent an hour randomly paging through cereals and now I'm going back for an hour more. AND I'M A WORK! Oh Fridays!

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