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About The Cereal Project At MrBreakfast.com
The Cereal Project is comprehensive database of U.S. breakfast cereals. At this moment, the database contains over 1,500 cereals. The site is called a "Project" because it's ongoing. Thanks to site user participation, classic cereals continue to be discovered. As new cereals hit the market, they are also added to the database.

The Cereal Project officially launched on August 3, 2009. Prior to that, the URL to the cereal project had been sent to a select group of cereal lovers who had volunteered to review the site, offer additional information and resources and to help edit the content written by Mr Breakfast. Their participation in the development of The Cereal Project was invaluable.

Please tell your friends about discovering The Cereal Project. Enjoy your visit and don't forget to comment on your favorite cereals.

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Important Disclaimers:

In presenting this gigantic collection of breakfast cereals, The Cereal Project at MrBreakfast.com in no way intends to imply any connection or affiliation between this website and the great cereal companies who produce, or have produced, the breakfast cereals found in this historic record. The intent of the content on The Cereal Project is to present the breakfast cereals shown in a historic, educational and entertaining context. There is never an intent to promote a given cereal or company over any others found (or not found) in the database.

Any printed repetition of past or current company trademarks, brand names or logos is purely in the context of breakfast cereal history.

Any comments submitted by users of The Cereal Project and MrBreakfast.com are considered the submitter's original creation and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of MrBreakfast.com.

Original editorial throughout The Cereal Project and MrBreakfast.com may not be reproduced without the written permission of MrBreakfast.com. Please contact us for reprint requests.

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