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The Simpsons

The Simpsons first appeared in recurring short segments on The Tracey Ullman Show in 1987. In December 1989, The Simpsons television show debuted. Since that time, the series has gone on to become not only the longest-running animated program, but the longest-running American sitcom. An full-length feature film called The Simpsons Movie appeared in theaters in 2007.

While the Mr Breakfast Cereal Project Database (M.B.C.P.D) is usually limited to cereals produced in the United States, we've included a couple international Simpsons cereals to help round out this collection.

Featured Cereals In The The Simpsons Family:

Bart SimpsonFrom: Kellogg's
Introduced in 2001
Homer's Cinnamon DonutFrom: Kellogg's
Introduced in 2001
Bart Simpson's No ProblemO'sFrom: Kellogg's
Introduced in 2002

Other Cereals In The The Simpsons Family:

>Krusty-O'sFrom: Independent / Undefined
Introduced in 2007
>Eat My ShortsFrom: Kellogg's
Introduced in 2003