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Saya just commented on:
Overnight Waffle Batter
"These are now the only waffles I make! So yummy!"
mompandemic just commented on:
Blitzkuchen (German Coffee Cake)
"I've had this recipe for over 40 years, but wanted a well wr...."
gritty just commented on:
Quiche with Spinach, Mushrooms and Cheese
"This was so good! I left our the shallots due to having a gu...."
Mike just commented on:
Jelly Omelet
"Thank you! My recipe search was inspired by the Hazel episod...."
Mike just commented on:
Grape-Nuts Bread
"This recipe sounds similar to what my mother made 40 or 50 y...."
plinko just commented on:
Homemade Pancakes
"Wow. Great recipe."
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Corn Soya
78 in 2020
commented on:
Corn Soya Cereal
"Was my favorite! Bring it back for old times sake."
Vanilly Crunch (Cap'n Crunch)
"My favorite cereal as a kid... was crushed when they discontinued it."
Shredded Krumbles
commented on:
Shredded Krumbles Cereal
"Best cereal I remember growing up! Wish it was still available."
Fruit Wheats
commented on:
Fruit Wheats Cereal
"Thanks for all of the positive reviews for Nabisco Fruit Wheats! I was the original produ...."