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MiMi V just commented on:
Baked Peach French Toast
"Very flavorful! Spray pan with a cooking spray to prevent st...."
marimini just commented on:
Vegetable Oatmeal
"When I was on a soft food diet due to surgery. This! It was...."
seersucker_nz just commented on:
Toad In The Hole
"Good easy recipe and very tasty. Been making this for a few...."
Pam just commented on:
Jelly Omelet
"So funny about seeing jelly omelette mentioned on Hazel. I ...."
Shana C. just commented on:
Birdies in a Nest
"Birdie in the Nest for sure! I'm 74 and still eat them. My m...."
franks just commented on:
Pecan Peach Muffins
"These are delicious. There is one change which I think would...."
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Atlantis Cereal
"This cereal is my sisters childhood and it would mean the world to her if she could have a...."
Oat Flakes (Post)
Gen X Oat Flake
commented on:
Oat Flakes (Post) Cereal
"My favorite childhood cereal! I'm 51 now and hope to have it again someday!"
Buzz Blasts
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Buzz Blasts Cereal
"Best cereal I've ever eaten. I miss it so much, and get strong cravings for it from time t...."
Honey Bunches of Oats with Real Bananas
"This cereal was the best I ever had! Why is it even gone!?"