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Lynn J. just commented on:
Pancake Oatmeal
"I use flavored yogurt such as berries (yummy) or plain inste...."
Ike Aarajo just commented on:
Super-Easy Fried Bananas
"Another awesome addition to my breakfast repertoire."
BJ Chimes just commented on:
Oatmeal With Chocolate And Coffee
"I love the chocolate oatmeal without a doubt. A friend said ...."
MIB just commented on:
Mr Breakfast's Ultimate Buttermilk Pancakes
"Is now my favorite pancake recipe and seltzer water is not n...."
MamaMargeB just commented on:
Egg-Free Spiced Pancakes
"These pancakes are amazing. We don't care for fluffy pancake...."
Cool vibes just commented on:
Brown Sugar Pancake Syrup
"Yay. Kids loved them and we have been eating them for breakf...."
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commented on:
Krumbles Cereal
"The best cereal ever created by Kellogg's. The fact that it was and still is discontinued ...."
Great Grains - Raisins, Dates & Pecans
"Has not been available in Vernon BC for months! I really really miss it - nothing else co...."
Apple Raisin Crisp
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Apple Raisin Crisp Cereal
"This was by far my family's favorite cereal in the 80s and early 90s. It started as my par...."
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Clusters Cereal
"How can I get Clusters? I miss them! My most favorite cereal ever!"