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Okie1957 just commented on:
Easy Banana Bread
"Instead of putting foil on top, I put a pan of water under t...."
Wendy J. just commented on:
Peach Pancake Syrup
"Do you store it in the fridge or pantry? How long does it ke...."
My Go-To just commented on:
Best Amish Baked Oatmeal
"We absolutely LOVE this recipe. It's my go-to recipe when f...."
Tom H just commented on:
Liver Mush
"Great recipe. The wife and I swear by Macks, made in Shelby,...."
Leo just commented on:
Spicy Cheesy Eggs
"Mind if people can use Sriracha or Hot sauce instead of a pa...."
Bunny Garbonzo just commented on:
Shrimp And Cheese Omelette
"Never add water to eggs, instead add an extra egg and never,...."
New Cereal Comments
commented on:
Kix Cereal
"I bought a box of Kix this past weekend. GM has changed something about it. The color is d...."
Franken Berry
commented on:
Franken Berry Cereal
"It is still not oat based for 2018. Such a shame as it was so much better with oats."
Frosted Wheat Squares
cereal guy
commented on:
Frosted Wheat Squares Cereal
"Since Nabisco doesn't make cereals anymore. Maybe Post and Malt O Meal will make off brand...."
Shredded Wheat (Post)
Mrs. B.
commented on:
Shredded Wheat (Post) Cereal
"Has Post Shredded Wheat Spoon Size been discontinued? I have been unable to find it for se...."