New Recipe Comments
K.J. just commented on:
Vetkoek (South African)
"Sugar is not required as this can be made with savory or swe...."
dramione just commented on:
Breakfast Tortilla Wrap
"Da best!"
Potato Critic just commented on:
French Potato Omelet
"Please don't just say it's a fancy name for such a simple di...."
BB Lanez just commented on:
Milk Toast
"I loved it. I don't remember the butter and cinnamon. Just ...."
wondering just commented on:
Bueno Breakfast Burrito
"Are breakfast burritos typically eaten in Mexico?"
The_Pharmacist just commented on:
Mr Breakfast's Ultimate Buttermilk Pancakes
"I often shy away from the extra work of beating egg whites s...."
New Cereal Comments
Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles
commented on:
Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles Cereal
"It's too bad they took Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm off the cover!"
Dora The Explorer
commented on:
Dora The Explorer Cereal
"I don't think you can find it at stores anymore."
Basic 4
commented on:
Basic 4 Cereal
"Basic 4 has been my favorite for a long time! The blend of ingredients makes this cereal s...."
Oat Flakes (Post)
H. Canyon
commented on:
Oat Flakes (Post) Cereal
"I remember always loving this! Then Quaker put it out! Was the last time I had it! All oth...."