Watermelon Boat

Watermelon Boat

(10 servings)    Printable Version
  • watermelon
  • cantaloupe balls
  • honeydew melon balls
  • strawberries
  • miniature marshmallows
Cut off top third of watermelon. Cut zig-zag pattern 1-inch deep around top of watermelon. Scoop out watermelon balls, leaving shell intact. Combine melon balls, strawberries and marshmallows; mix lightly. Spoon fruit mixture into shell.

Watermelon Boat

Making A Watermelon Boat

About This Recipe:

This vintage recipe is from the July 1983 issue of Ebony Magazine from an article titled "Summer Cookin' (Date With A Dish)" by Charla L. Draper.

Watermelon Boat From 1983 Ebony Magazine

A must-have fresh fruit dish for any large brunch gathering - especially during the summer. To make it even more healthy, replace the miniature marshmallows with grapes.

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