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Featured Homemade Cereal Recipes:
This collection is comprised mostly of granola recipes, but you'll also find recipes for muesli, cereal bars and creations that utilize cereal as an ingredient.
Our Complete Collection of 90
Homemade Cereal Recipes
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1. Almond Cranberry Muesli
2. Almond Granola (Low Carb)
3. Almond Maple Granola
4. Almond Raisin Granola
5. Aloha Hawaiian Granola
6. Amish Oatmeal Cereal
7. Apple Granola
8. Apple Oats Cereal
9. Apricot Yogurt Cereal
10. Basic Granola
11. Blender Granola
12. Blueberry Grape-Nut Porridge
13. Blueberry Sunshine
14. Cherry Nut Granola
15. Cherry Pistachio Granola
16. Chex & Cheerios Trail Mix
17. Chex Granola (Microwave)
18. Chocolate Granola
19. Chocolate Peanut Granola
20. Chunky Granola (No Oil Added)
21. Cocoa Granola (No Oil)
22. Coconut Granola
23. Cooked Rice Cereal
24. Cranberry Granola
25. Creamy Golden Protein Cereal
26. Crockpot Cocoa Granola
27. Crockpot Granola Casserole
28. Crunchy Soy Granola
29. Dad's Famous Granola
30. Dale's Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
31. Danish Rye Cereal
32. Dee's Dark Chocolate Granola
33. Excellent Granola
34. Flax Seed And Nut Granola (Low-Carb)
35. Fruit And Honey Granola
36. Fruit And Rice Cereal
37. Fruity Dehydrator Granola
38. Fruity Granola
39. Ginger Snap Granola
40. Gitche Gumee Granola
41. Gluten Free Hot Cereal Blend
42. Good Earth Cereal
43. Graham Nuts
44. Grandma's Granola
45. Granola Breakfast Bars
46. Granola Cereal
47. Grape-Nuts Bread
48. Halloween Pumpkin Pecan Pie Granola
49. Happy Earth Day Granola
50. Healthy n' Happy Granola
51. Healthy N' Happy Honeyed Oats
52. Holiday Spice Granola With Cranberries
53. Honey Maple Grapenuts
54. Honey Nut Granola
55. Italian Pete's Italian Honey Granola
56. Jim's Super Granola
57. La Bouillie (Africa)
58. Lemon Poppy Seed Granola Clusters
59. Mango Ginger Granola
60. Maple Almond Granola
61. Maple Granola
62. Maple Pecan Granola Clusters
63. Microwave Granola
64. Mighty Muesli
65. Multi-Grain Raisin Nut Cereal
66. Multi-Mix Cold Cereal w/ Rice Milk
67. Nebraska Molasses Munchies
68. Nutty Bran Flakes
69. Oil-Free Granola
70. Orange Marmalade Granola
71. Peanut Butter & Jam Granola
72. Perfect Granola
73. Popcorn Granola
74. Quick Homemade Granola
75. Raisin Nut Muesli
76. Sesame Granola
77. Skillet Granola
78. Special K Bars
79. Sunshine Morning (Granola)
80. Swiss Almond Muesli
81. Swiss Muesli
82. Toasted Ginger Muesli with Blueberries & Banana
83. Toffee Almond Granola
84. Tonia's Muesli
85. Ultimate Blend
86. Vanilla Almond Granola
87. Wheat-Free Maple Granola
88. Whole Grain Granola
89. Whole Wheat Granola
90. Whole-Grain Cold Cereal
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