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This recipes collection ranges from basic, reliable crepes to elegant crepes you might serve at a fancy brunch. Includes both sweet and savory creations.
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Breakfast Crepe Recipes

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1. Almond Cream Crepes
2. American Raspberry Crepecake
3. Apple Raisin Crepes
4. Apricot Crepes
5. Bacon And Mushroom Crepes
6. Banana Crepes
7. Berry Brandy Breakfast Crepes
8. Berry Crepes With Orange Sauce
9. Breakfast Blintzes
10. Buckwheat Crepes
11. Chocolate Breakfast Crepes
12. Chocolate Milk Crepes
13. Chocolate Syrup (For Crepes)
14. Crepes a la Neige (Crepes w/ Snow)
15. Crepes ala Blender
16. Crepes Benedict
17. Crepes Suzette
18. Crepes With Cottage Cheese
19. Delicious Gluten-Free Crepes
20. Dill Crepes
21. Dutch Apple Crepes
22. Easy Crepes
23. Easy Strawberry Breakfast Crepes
24. Egg-Free Crepes
25. Fats Dominos (Blueberry Crepes)
26. French Breakfast Crepes
27. German Filled Breakfast Crepes
28. Gluten, Dairy, Sugar & Egg Free Crepes
29. Gluten-Free Tapioca Flour Crepes
30. Golden Egg Crepes
31. Ham and Cheese Crepes
32. Ham And Egg Crepes
33. Hawaiian Savory Crepes
34. Honey Blueberry Blintzes
35. How To Make A Basic Crepe
36. Hungarian Apricot Crepes
37. Jelly Belly Crepes
38. Latvian Bacon Crepes
39. Lemon Crepes Suzette
40. Low Fat Cheese Blintzes
41. Low-Fat Honey Crepes
42. Mango Crepes
43. Maple Grapefruit Crepes
44. Orange Crepes
45. Peach Crepes
46. Pineapple Rum Crepes
47. Raspberry Banana Crepes
48. Rye Crepes
49. Sausage Crepes
50. Strawberry Crepes Supreme
51. Strawberry Crepes with Honey Sauce
52. Sugar Free Low Fat Raspberry Crepes
53. Tropical Morning Crepes
54. Vegan Crepes
55. Vegetarian Breakfast Crepes
56. Whole Wheat Crepes

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