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The distinction between a quiche and a breakfast pie is one of semantics. Therefore, you'll find both items listed here along with a few frittatas that are more quiche-like.
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1.  Sun Dried Tomato Quiche
2. Alfred Hitchcock's Quiche Lorraine
3. Apple Cheddar Quiche
4. Apple Raisin Quiche
5. Asparagus Frittata
6. Asparagus Frittata Casserole
7. Asparagus Quiche
8. Bacon And Spinach Quiche
9. Bacon Cheese Pie
10. Bacon Pie
11. Bacon Quiche
12. Bacon Quiche Lorraine
13. Baked Eggs and Sausages in Toast Cups
14. Breakfast Sausage Casserole
15. Broccoli Feta Quiche
16. Broccoli Quiche
17. Carolina Brunch With Grits
18. Cheese And Lentil Quiche
19. Cheese And Onion Quiche
20. Cheesy Mushroom Crustless Quiche
21. Chicken Tikka Quiche
22. Corn & Bacon Pie
23. Corn Lorraine
24. Corn Tortilla Quiche
25. Country Breakfast Pie
26. Crispy Potato Quiche
27. Crustless Ham And Cheese Quiche
28. Crustless Spinach Quiche
29. Deep Dish Ham And Spinach Quiche
30. Easy Quiche Lorraine
31. Easy Spinach Dip Quiche
32. Egg Noodle Chard & Fontina Kugel
33. Fig Jam & Spam Breakfast Pie
34. Flaky Herb Crust For Quiche
35. Florentine Quiche
36. Four Cheese Herb Quiche
37. Ham & Grits Crustless Quiche
38. Ham And Cheese Quiche
39. Ham Quiche
40. Hash Brown Quiche
41. Italian Egg Bake
42. Jack-O-Lantern Breakfast Pie
43. Kippered Salmon Quiche
44. Lo-Carb Deep-Dish Pizza Quiche (Diabetes-friendly)
45. Low Carb Bacon Quiche
46. Low-fat Southwestern Frittata
47. Meat Lovers Quiche
48. Mexican Breakfast Quiche
49. Mexican Crustless Quiche
50. Morel & Swiss Quiche
51. Mushroom Pizza Quiche
52. Oat-Crust Quiche
53. Onion Quiche
54. Onion, Mushroom & Swiss Cheese Quiche
55. Picante Breakfast Quiche
56. Pillsbury Breakfast Quiches
57. Quiche Lorraine
58. Quiche Me! Mini Sausage Quiches
59. Quiche with Spinach, Mushrooms and Cheese
60. Salami Quiche
61. Sausage Quiche
62. Savory Crab Quiche
63. Seafood Quiche
64. Shrimp Quiche
65. Spam Quiche
66. Spicy Hash Brown Quiche
67. Spinach Mushroom Quiche
68. Spinach Quiche
69. Steak and Spinich Quiche
70. Swiss Quiche
71. Three-Cheese Quiche
72. Three-Cheese Quiche Bites
73. Three-Pepper Quiche
74. Zucchini & Mint Fritatta
75. Zucchini Quiche

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