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Cereal Topics (Bulletin Boards)

Please Note: Every cereal in The Cereal Project database has its very own message board. If your post or interest is about a specific cereal, consider posting on that cereal's page.

Please let us know if we've missed any cereals in The Cereal Project Database. Any information you can provide to help prove that a cereal existed would help greatly.
On this bulletin board, we encourage users to post links to cereal boxes they are offering for sale or trade. Just paste a link in the optional URL field to show off your goods, ie. links to eBay auctions, etc. If you're looking for a particular cereal box, let people know and check back soon for possible replies.
This is where people can just chat about cereal.

Most Recent Cereal Topic Posts:

"Wanted early Kellogg's Toasted Cornflakes boxes. No miniatures. Also any early Kellogg's cardboard advertising from the era circa 1910-1940. In good condition. Thanks very much. Marty ("
By: MACMAC1 (Team Breakfast Member)    Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 11/21/2014 (#848)

"Looking to buy, trade or sell ProStars Wayne Gretzky Cereal Boxes. I also have an enormous collection of Sport Cereal boxes mostly 1980s and 1990s Canada and USA that I will sell individually or in bulk $2- $5 including factory flats. "
By: warzak (Team Breakfast Member)    Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 11/20/2014 (#846)

"I have a unopened Kellogg's collectors edition 2012 Team USA box and am wondering if anyone knows the value. Contact me at cookandreas(at) "
By: butters (Team Breakfast Member)    Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 11/3/2014 (#843)

"Can anyone give me the name of a white label cereal manufacturer. I would like to have a limited run of an O's type cereal made for me."
By: jimwallace (Team Breakfast Member)    Board: General Cereal Talk
Comment submitted: 10/23/2014 (#842)

"I am glad I found this website. I am looking for the name of a cereal from the 70's that was a brown disk about the diameter of a penny, but about as thick as three pennies. I remember the commercial... it was animated and they would stack the cereal like coins, but they didn't resemble an actual coin they looked like they would be chocolate but they weren't. I have searched the Breakfast lists but can't find the name.

Note From Mr Breakfast: I thing the cereal you're looking for is Wheat Stax from General Mills."
By: T-Rexx (Team Breakfast Member)    Board: Missing Cereals
Comment submitted: 10/15/2014 (#840)

"Back around 2000-2002 or so, there was a cereal I believe was called "Krunchin' Rice Krispies", but I can't seem to find it ANYWHERE on the Internet. All I really remember where that the cereal pieces where large chunks as opposed to flaky, and the commercials for the cereal involved Snap, Crackle, and Pop standing on a Billboard and the police telling them to get down."
By: InvaderWeezle (Team Breakfast Member)    Board: Missing Cereals
Comment submitted: 10/13/2014 (#839)

"Looking for 1935 Wheaties box with Ohio State All-American Regis Monahan. Thanks."
By: Danolamo (Team Breakfast Member)    Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 9/19/2014 (#830)

"47 boxes of Wheaties and Kellogg's boxes, mostly sealed and in plastic zip lock bags. Check out the ebay link below."
By: LuisM    Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 9/11/2014 (#828)

"There is a new cereal restaurant that opened in my area. The Bowl and Spoon Cereal Cafe opened in Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga. If you are in the area check it out in the food court. They have a good assortment of all types of cereals. They even take requests."
By: Postman    Board: General Cereal Talk
Comment submitted: 8/27/2014 (#824)

"I have sports Wheaties boxes for sale trade. In all I have 18 boxes. Make me an offer. Email"
By: Nicko (Team Breakfast Member)    Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 8/26/2014 (#822)

Most Recent Cereal Comments:

Al Jordan commented on Honey-Comb Cereal
"One of my favorites as a kid. Still enjoy it today, just not as much as then after having doubts as to whether actual honey was used as a sweetener. On a side note (since no other poster has mentioned it - so I will), the Honeycomb Hideout TV ads of the 70's were referenced in an episode of Futurama."
Comment submitted: 11/26/2014 (#18077)

Crunchy Loggs
Al Jordan commented on Crunchy Loggs Cereal
"I've never tried the cereal, but remember the TV commercial (vaguely; I might have caught it on YT not too long ago). Strictly imo, if Kellogg's had played out the marketing for this product right, they could have come up with the idea of adding maple brown sugar flavoring to those crunchy logs. At least that would've made it more appealing to kids' tastes and likely driven sales further up at least a bit more than it did."
Comment submitted: 11/26/2014 (#18074)

Apple Raisin Crisp
D.Q. commented on Apple Raisin Crisp Cereal
"This cereal was fantastic. Is there any possibility that Kellogg's will bring them back? We should start a petition."
Comment submitted: 11/26/2014 (#18073)

Ho Ho Holiday Rice Krispies
"Please bring back the Holiday Rice Krispies cereal! :) "
Comment submitted: 11/26/2014 (#18072)

Grape-Nuts O's
E.W.G. commented on Grape-Nuts O's Cereal
"Please bring back Grape Nut O's. I love them to snack on when I need something sweet. I haven't been able to find them for a long time. I prefer them over any other cereal."
Comment submitted: 11/26/2014 (#18071)

Fortified Oat Flakes
Steve435 commented on Fortified Oat Flakes Cereal
"Where can I find the Fortified Oat Flakes? Are they gone for good?"
Comment submitted: 11/26/2014 (#18070)

R. Rock commented on Concentrate Cereal
"I too would like this cereal brought back! I used to sprinkle Concentrate on my Graham Crackers... it kept a crunch in every bite. :)"
Comment submitted: 11/25/2014 (#18069)

Strawberry Chex
Jluke commented on Strawberry Chex Cereal
"Why did this awesome cereal have to go away!?"
Comment submitted: 11/25/2014 (#18067)

Froot Loops Treasures
Wanted in UK commented on Froot Loops Treasures Cereal
"I like that they added strawberry packets instead of loops but we in UK have yet to get them."
Comment submitted: 11/25/2014 (#18066)

Summer Berry Pebbles
HeatBombastic commented on Summer Berry Pebbles Cereal
"The cereal itself has a very strong berry with a hint of watermelon and citrus scent. It's kind of unimpressive in milk. Where it truly shines is when mixed with fruit.

Tastes great when mixed with mandarin oranges, fruit cocktail, and even green applesauce! Though mixing it with applesauce gives you a mushy texture that was hardly pebbly.

It taste okay when bananas slices are added with it and the milk. Haven't tried it yet with frozen yogurt like it suggested as a parfait but it sounds promising.

The cereal by itself doesn't make a very tasteful snack.

I even tried it with water. It ended up with a strong scent with a kind of bland taste. Probably because of the water lol

Overall, the smell was actually stronger than the taste, but it packs a huge punch when mixed with sweet, delicious fruit. Can't say it's worth it when it's only milk."
Comment submitted: 11/25/2014 (#18065)

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