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Cereal Topics (Bulletin Boards)

Please Note: Every cereal in The Cereal Project database has its very own message board. If your post or interest is about a specific cereal, consider posting on that cereal's page.

Please let us know if we've missed any cereals in The Cereal Project Database. Any information you can provide to help prove that a cereal existed would help greatly.
On this bulletin board, we encourage users to post links to cereal boxes they are offering for sale or trade. Just paste a link in the optional URL field to show off your goods, ie. links to eBay auctions, etc. If you're looking for a particular cereal box, let people know and check back soon for possible replies.
This is where people can just chat about cereal.

Most Recent Cereal Topic Posts:

"Can anyone give me the name of a white label cereal manufacturer. I would like to have a limited run of an O's type cereal made for me."
By: jimwallace (Team Breakfast Member)    Board: General Cereal Talk
Comment submitted: 10/23/2014 (#842)

"I am glad I found this website. I am looking for the name of a cereal from the 70's that was a brown disk about the diameter of a penny, but about as thick as three pennies. I remember the commercial... it was animated and they would stack the cereal like coins, but they didn't resemble an actual coin they looked like they would be chocolate but they weren't. I have searched the Breakfast lists but can't find the name.

Note From Mr Breakfast: I thing the cereal you're looking for is Wheat Stax from General Mills."
By: T-Rexx (Team Breakfast Member)    Board: Missing Cereals
Comment submitted: 10/15/2014 (#840)

"Back around 2000-2002 or so, there was a cereal I believe was called "Krunchin' Rice Krispies", but I can't seem to find it ANYWHERE on the Internet. All I really remember where that the cereal pieces where large chunks as opposed to flaky, and the commercials for the cereal involved Snap, Crackle, and Pop standing on a Billboard and the police telling them to get down."
By: InvaderWeezle (Team Breakfast Member)    Board: Missing Cereals
Comment submitted: 10/13/2014 (#839)

"Looking for 1935 Wheaties box with Ohio State All-American Regis Monahan. Thanks."
By: Danolamo (Team Breakfast Member)    Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 9/19/2014 (#830)

"47 boxes of Wheaties and Kellogg's boxes, mostly sealed and in plastic zip lock bags. Check out the ebay link below."
By: LuisM    Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 9/11/2014 (#828)

"There is a new cereal restaurant that opened in my area. The Bowl and Spoon Cereal Cafe opened in Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga. If you are in the area check it out in the food court. They have a good assortment of all types of cereals. They even take requests."
By: Postman    Board: General Cereal Talk
Comment submitted: 8/27/2014 (#824)

"I have sports Wheaties boxes for sale trade. In all I have 18 boxes. Make me an offer. Email"
By: Nicko (Team Breakfast Member)    Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 8/26/2014 (#822)

"I have a bunch of Wheaties boxes for sale. Some of them are of Micheal Jordan boxes and different football teams, baseball and hockey boxes. I need to sell these because we are moving and down sizing, and the wife said some of my collections have to go so here's your chance to pic up a wide variety of boxes including a special run of Wheaties Dunk a Balls box. If interested please call Leroy at 502-716-0031."
By: lee n net (Team Breakfast Member)    Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 8/6/2014 (#813)

"Hi, I am looking to purchase a 1970's Baron Von Redberry Cereal box. If you have one or any any info on where I can purchase one please contact me at - sundragonarts(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank You!"
By: Mako    Board: Buy / Sell / Trade Cereal Boxes
Comment submitted: 8/3/2014 (#811)

"Just saw Rice Krispies Multigrain Shapes in the store but not here."
By: Jay I    Board: Missing Cereals
Comment submitted: 7/23/2014 (#805)

Most Recent Cereal Comments:

Oreo O's
Crystal commented on Oreo O's Cereal
"This was my all time favorite cereal and I wish it was still here."
Comment submitted: 10/30/2014 (#17925)

Pauline commented on Krumbles Cereal
"My favorite cereal. I miss it and every time I purchase cereal I think of it. Please consider bringing it back. - Pauline, Ord, Ne"
Comment submitted: 10/30/2014 (#17924)

ohio kid commented on Quisp Cereal
"I ate this when I was a kid in the 70s and I LOVED it."
Comment submitted: 10/29/2014 (#17920)

Whole Hearts
Tarbox commented on Whole Hearts Cereal
"Whole Hearts is the only cold cereal that my husband likes. We've been hunting all our local stores for months, and now see on this site that they've discontinued it! Why did they do that? Now what do we do?"
Comment submitted: 10/29/2014 (#17919)

Cosmic Krispies
Erica commented on Cosmic Krispies Cereal
"This was my most favorite cereal growing up. I would love for it to make a come back because I know my kids would love it too."
Comment submitted: 10/28/2014 (#17917)

Multi-Bran Chex
DiAnne commented on Multi-Bran Chex Cereal
"Please bring back out Milti-Grain Chex. It is my husband's favorite cereal."
Comment submitted: 10/28/2014 (#17916)

Cinnamon Crunch Crispix
pattyk commented on Cinnamon Crunch Crispix Cereal
"Please bring this back. I always wondered why it disappeared and I would love to enjoy it again."
Comment submitted: 10/27/2014 (#17915)

Lionhearted commented on K-O's Cereal
"You have got to mean Kellogg's O-K's. except that the cereal was shaped like O's and K's, but this cereal you're looking at is just shaped like O's just like Cheerios."
Comment submitted: 10/27/2014 (#17913)

100% Bran
bfn10 (Team Breakfast) commented on 100% Bran Cereal
"Bring back Post 100% bran cereal. We need it for our muffins!"
Comment submitted: 10/26/2014 (#17911)

Herald (Team Breakfast) commented on Maypo Cereal
"I want my Maypo! I grew up on it and gave it to my sons when they were little, but I can't find it in the Annapolis, MD area. I have checked Foodlion, Giant, Safeway, Shoppers and Christophers stores. Please tell me where I can get it, please!"
Comment submitted: 10/26/2014 (#17910)

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