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Sugar Rice Krinkles Clown Ad
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Honey Nut Cheerios Bee / Donkey Ad1960\'s Cocoa Puffs Gramps CommercialFruity Pebbles Christmas Commercial1960\'s Crispy Critters Orange Moose Commercial1984 Corn Pops Commercial

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Shrek's (Not Donkey's)AtlantisPrincess GemsAmazing Spider-Man
This month's special cereal exhibit is called Movie Cereals. To see all of the cereals in this exhibit, click here.
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For April, our Cereal Maker of the Month is... Ralston. Click here to see every cereal they ever made.

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Make Your Own Custom Cereal Box
Make Your Own Cereal Box
Upload a picture. Give your cereal a name. Print it out. Cut along the edges. Impress your friends!

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Make Your Own Cereal Box
Cereal Box Match Game
Cereal Box Match Game
A classic card matching game with cereal boxes instead of cards!
Cereal Box Match Game

Breakfast Cereal Hangman
Breakfast Cereal Hangman
It's hangman... but all the words you have to guess are names of cereals.
Breakfast Cereal Hangman

Breakfast Cereal Trivia Game
Breakfast Cereal Trivia
Test your breakfast cereal knowledge with quizes for both beginners and experts.
Breakfast Cereal Trivia Game

Most Recent Comments:

SpongeBob SquarePants
JasmineShiba commented on SpongeBob SquarePants Cereal
I loved this cereal. Why would they discontinue it? I found it more tasty than Cap'n Crunch. Restock it in Fayetteville, GA please. I beg you!
Comment submitted: 4/21/2014 (#16965)
Carol6774 (Team Breakfast Member) commented on Maypo Cereal
I've enjoyed Maypo since I was a kid, but I am unable to find it in the stores in Marysville, WA. Any help?!
Comment submitted: 4/21/2014 (#16964)
Frosted Bran
silver commented on Frosted Bran Cereal
The thing about trying to rate this cereal is that many have not tried it since it is no longer available. Kellogg's made a mistake taking it off the shelf. Too bad there are not enough likes to buy the Frosted Bran factory. With 6 kids we used to buy it by the case.
Comment submitted: 4/21/2014 (#16963)
Angel commented on Concentrate Cereal
This was my favorite cereal of all time. It was expensive back then but I would be willing to pay more now because it was so delicious. I had to hide the box from my kids or I would never get any.
Comment submitted: 4/20/2014 (#16962)
Fortified Oat Flakes
Eddy1230 commented on Fortified Oat Flakes Cereal
Dear POST: Fortified Oat Flakes was, and still would be my favorite cereal. I was hurt, and disappointed when I could not find it any more. Nothing came close, I searched for years. What can we, Post Fortified Oat Flakes Lovers, do to get these back, PLEASE! I am begging you to seriously consider making them again. Please.
Comment submitted: 4/18/2014 (#16961)

What Is The Cereal Project
The Cereal Project is an ongoing effort to document every breakfast cereal ever produced in the U.S. which has received a near-nationwide distribution. From Granula (not Granola), the first ready-to-eat breakfast cereal ever produced in 1863, to the cereals being introduced to grocery stores as we speak, the Cereal Project aims to present pictures and descriptions of EVERY breakfast cereal including old favorites and failures that have long since been discontinued. So far, we have tracked down over 1,375 different cereals.

Take a walk down memory lane... or more specifically... a walk down memory cereal aisle. You can find cereals listed alphabetically, by manufacturer or by year of introduction. If you find a cereal that you loved, be sure to give it a vote and see how it ranks in our list of the most popular breakfast cereals of all-time. As you explore the many cereals, you'll find classic magazine advertisements and television commercials, along with a large library of vintage and current cereal boxes.

Since their earliest introduction, breakfast cereals have transformed the way the world eats. Through evolving marketing techniques - most notably the evolution of the cereal box, cereals have changed the way we shop and have influenced the way all products are advertised. A trip through the history of breakfast cereal is a trip through the history of America.

Mr Breakfast Needs Your Help
If you're going through The Cereal Project and you notice a cereal that's not represented, please let us know by posting a comment.

If you have a cool picture of a cereal that is in The Project, you can upload it on that cereal's page. You're pictures and comments are the best part of The Cereal Project.
Cereal Games
Mr Breakfast is currently seeking images for the following cereals:

Almond Apple Muesli Banana Wackies Crunchy Bran GinkgO's Ginseng Crunch Jersey Rice Flakes Raisin Oat Bran Spoon Size Shredded Wheat Plus Superman Stars Vanilla Sweeties Wheat Crunch Flakes Whole Grain Shredded Wheat
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