A free tool to create your own custom cereal boxes. Upload your own image. Enter your own cereal name, company name and additional text to appear on the box. Cereal boxes are individual serving size, commonly one ounce or less.

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Make Your own Custom Cereal Box

Step 1 (of 3):

Upload an image from your computer.

Please note the following restrictions: maximum width 150px; maximum height 250px and maximum size 300 KB. Image must be a .jpg file.


You don't have picture? You can proceed to Step 2 and select the image of Mr Breakfast or a stock image by clicking here.

Uploaded images are automatically removed from the server at the end of this process.

When you're satisified with your work above, the print button will display a page that looks like this.

To create the box, you'll just need to cut away the grey area and fold in the tabs. More detailed instructions will be displayed shortly.

Help! My Box Looks Crazy!
  • Possible Cause #1: Is your image too large? Images must be less than 150 pixes in width and 250 pixels in height. Hit the "Start Again" button and upload a new image. Images must be in .jpg format.

  • Possible Cause #2: Long words. If a word seems to be stretching out the layout of the box, try using a shorter word and hit the "Update" button".

  • "Mr Breakfast, dude! The box above looks insane even before I do anything!" We're sorry to report that you're using a browser that the cereal box making machine does not support. Please try a later version of Internet Explorer (best) or Netscape.

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