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Mr Breakfast's 10 Favorite Halloween Breakfast Cereals
Count Chocula Cereal
Count Chocula
General Mills
Introduced: 1971
Boo Berry Cereal
Boo Berry
Introduced: 1973
Cap'n Crunch Halloween Crunch
Cap'n Crunch Halloween Crunch
Introduced: 2007
Creepy Cocoa Rice Krispies Cereal
Creepy Cocoa Rice Krispies
Introduced: 2002
Fruit Brute Cereal
Fruit Brute
General Mills
Introduced: 1974
Candy Corn Corn Pops Cereal
Candy Corn Corn Pops
Introduced: 2001
Halloween Brew Waffle Crisp
Halloween Brew Waffle Crisp
Introduced: 2000
Franken Berry Cereal
Franken Berry
General Mills
Introduced: 1971
Spooky Marshmallow Froot Loops
Spooky Marshmallow Froot Loops
Introduced: 1996
Yummy Mummy Cereal
Yummy Mummy
General Mills
Introduced: 1988
Dress Like A Donut
Make Your Own Halloween Donut Costume
Learn how to make a homemade donut costume... a real TREAT for trick or treating!

4 Easy Ways To Halloween Up Your Breakfast

Ketchup Makes Great Blood Ketchup Makes Great Blood:

If you squirt ketchup on a sunny side-up egg, it looks like a blood-shot eyeball. You can do the same thing with thin strips of red bell pepper in place of the ketchup. Additionally, if you write R.I.P. in ketchup on a hash brown patty , it looks just like a tombstone. Your friends will say "Rest in peace hash browns, because I'm gonna eat you up!"

Halloween Ghost Toast Terrifying Toast:

Trim a slice of toast to resemble a hand, foot or finger and then dollop strawberry or raspberry jam so it looks severed and bleeding. You can do the same thing with waffles and pancakes. For a quick, edible ghost, rip a small hole in a piece of toast to act as a mouth and then use chocolate chips or berries to make eyes.

Eggs-tremely Eerie Eggs:

Treat hard-boiled eggs like Easter eggs and use markers to make them look like the heads of ghosts, goblins and witches.

Pumpkin Spice Spider Scary Spice:

Pumpkin Pie Spice is a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice. Just a bit in pancake or waffle batter gives a feeling of pumpkin pie without using any pumpkin. Also try it in your French toast egg mixture and even sprinkled on toast. It's so good, it's scary.

6 Halloween Breakfast Jokes

  1. What is a ghoul's favorite breakfast cereal? Rice Creepies!
  2. When does a ghost have breakfast? In the moaning.
  3. What do demons have for breakfast? Devilled eggs.
  4. What do monsters eat for breakfast? Terri-fried eggs.
  5. What is a witch's favorite oatmeal? Scream of Wheat.
  6. What does Dracula drink at breakfast? Coffin with scream and sugar.

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