Orange Is The New Pumpkin

Jack O' Lantern Fruit Cups

These Jack O’ Lantern Fruit Cups (alternatively called Halloween Breakfast Cups) are fun to make, adorable and a tricky way to get kids to eat fruit.  If you look at the pictures, you’ll get the idea, but I’ve included a few instructions if you feel like reading.

Making The Orange Jack O'Lantern

The only tools you need are a small, sharp paring knife and a grapefruit spoon (the kind with a serrated edge).   Cut off the top of the orange.  Cut around the inside with a knife to loosen the pulp and remove it with the grapefruit spoon.  Now, just cut out a face as you would with a pumpkin.  If you like, you can draw the face first with a marker and then cut along the lines.

Note: If your Jack O’ Lantern is unbalanced, you may want to take a thin slice out of the bottom so your orange will have a base to stand on.

Filling The Orange Jack O'Lantern

When you’re happy with your Jack O’ Lantern, all that’s left is to fill it with mixed fruit. You’re options are basically limitless.  If it grows and can be cut, it’ll probably work.  Here’s a few suggestions: oranges (obviously), bananas, grapes, apples, peaches, pears, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, watermelon,  honeydew melon, etc.  As you can see, I’m just basically listing every fruit known to man.  However, this reminds me of a great joke:

Knock. Knock.

Who’s there?


Honeydew who?

Honeydew you love me?

The answer is yes.  If someone comes knocking and wants a delicious, healthy treat served in a unique way, they will love you.

Jack O' Lantern Breakfast Cups

Jack O' Lantern Fruit Cups

Jack O' Lantern Fruit Cup

When it comes down to it, the scariest thing about Halloween may be the amount of sweets kids eat.  Bless their hearts, my parents used to let me have a piece of my trick-or-treat candy with breakfast.  Then, I’d secretly take 5 or 6 more pieces to school.  I was a fat little kid.  Later in life, I’d have a fat complex and perceive myself as chubby even when I wasn’t.  That made me awkward around chicks.  Help your kids avoid this horror story and start serving Jack O’ Lantern Fruit Cups today!

Jack O' Lantern Fruit Cups

For more Halloween breakfast recipes and ideas, please check out the Halloween Headquarters page of  You’ll find a few more special projects, a bunch of pumpkin recipes and even a couple Halloween jokes.

Happy Halloween!

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