How To Make Waffle Butterflies

How To Make Waffle Butterflies

Here’s a fun project to brighten your morning.  Kids of any age will love helping to make their own personal waffle butterfly.  If you use frozen waffles, the whole thing takes about 3 minutes.  Best of all, your kids will be having such a good time decorating, they won’t realize that they’re inadvertently getting a serving of fruit.

Jim's Pancakes

When it comes to making pictures and characters out of food, it’s important that the dish be prepared quickly.  There’s a guy at a site called Jim’s Pancakes (now defunct) who is making incredible, intricate sculptures out of pancakes.  I love what he’s doing, but there’s a problem with making complex, edible spaceships and football stadiums for breakfast.  If you play with your food for too long, your breakfast might look cool… but hot?  It is not.

That’s what I like about these waffle butterflies.  Once the components are prepped, the butterflies take just seconds to make and your waffles are still warm and crisp.

Ingredients For Waffle Butterflies

You’ll need 2 waffles – frozen or homemade.  Besides a banana, you’ll need a small selection of other fruits or berries.  I decided to decorate my butterfly with a kiwi and some strawberries.  You might also try blueberries, raspberries, cherries or dried cranberries.  The more colorful the fruit, the more lovely your butterfly.

I like to think of the ingredients as a cocoon – ready to release a breakfast of unmatched glory.  Or if I’m in a bad mood, I just think of them as 2 waffles and some fruit.  But then, everything comes together and my bad mood flies away like some kind of winged insect.

Now, let’s transform these simple ingredients into a beautiful butterfly.

Cutting Fruit For Waffle Butterflies

Slice a long lengthwise piece of banana to make the body.  Then, chop the remaining fruit into various pieces.  Take two waffles and cut them each in half to make the wings.

Decorate the wings with the fruit pieces.  Use two very thin slices of one of your fruits to make antennae.

Waffle Butterfly On A Plate

How could someone eat something so beautiful?  Easy!  Just drown it in warm maple syrup.

Waffle Butterfly

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