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Breakfast Gift Jars

Mr Breakfast Gift Jar Tips
  • Be sure to wash and dry any jars (especially new ones) before you use them to make super cool gifts.
  • A rolled-up piece of paper makes an excellent funnel for pouring ingredients into your jar.
  • It's a good idea to pack down each layer of ingredients to be sure everything will fit. A laddle or your hand are good tools to use.
  • Be sure to include directions to make the recipes. I like to print out a gift instruction card on (found at the bottom of specific recipe pages).
  • A single bow on top of a jar is the easiest way to make your gift look beautiful.
  • A thin piece of patterned cloth tied around the jar lid or wedged under the outter ring of the jar lid always looks great. Both square pieces and round pieces cut about twice the size of the jar lid work fine. I like to buy a cheap table cloth (not vinyl) and cut that up. I use the left over cloth as very fancy wrapping paper for other gifts. Cut a thin stip of the cloth and tie it around the cloth for a very nice effect.
  • For the deluxe package, attach a new spatuala, a minature bottle of maple syrup, an oven mit or other related item to your jar.
  • No jars? Use a decorative bag. Are paper bags with pictures drawn on them and plastic bags with ribbon considered decorative? Oh my! They are considered the most decorative!

Make Your Own Cereal Box

"For my gifts of breakfast, I like to make a big batch of granola. Then, I go to the Mr Breakfast Cereal Box Making Tool. I upload a picture of my friend. Then I name the cereal something clever like "Hug Your Uncle-Os". Then I print it out, snip along the edges, put it together and fill it with treats. It's the coolest."

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