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Breakfast In Bed: The Ultimate Guide
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Whether it's peanut butter on toast served by Junior and Sissy, or Grand Marnier French Toast served by a lover, breakfast in bed provides the recipient(s) with feelings of warmth and appreciation.

The Surprise Is The Thing: If you share a bed with the person you're cooking for, you should have an excuse ready if they wake up too soon. "Go back to sleep. I'm just getting up to 'blank'." Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to prepare before that special someone would ordinarily rise.

Show The Love: If you're making something with love, let it show. Heart-shaped cookie cutters are just the thing to make romantic pancakes. Scissors are all you need to make heart-shaped toast. For those of you with an expense account for love, a heart-shaped waffle maker can provide years of smiles. A simple splash of red - strawberries, cherries or jam - can give any plate a feeling of something special.

The Little Things: A bowl of cereal is one thing, but that same bowl on a doily with a vase of flowers, a handsomely folded napkin and fine silverware is another. From salt and pepper to cream and sugar to the morning paper, leave no excuse for your loved one to get out of bed. As Julia Cameron once said, "Art is born in attention. Its midwife is detail."

The Gift of Health: While it's okay to splurge on special occasions with richer, fattening foods, you might consider using breakfast in bed as a time to show you care about someone's health. Fruit smoothies, deluxe oatmeal and vegetarian omelettes are just a couple of the hundreds of healthy breakfast options you could choose from.

Be Creative: Try hiding a poem or a small flat gift under a plate. That tiny space is perfect for hiding tickets to a show or a vacation destination. Use the equation: sappy equals happy. But also remember the postulate: a diamond ring in a bagel minus a watchful eye equals a trip to the doctor's office.

Love Can Move Kitchens: Quietly move the toaster, microwave and coffee maker into the bedroom. Imagine the aura of joy you create, as your special someone wakes to see their breakfast being prepared. Make yourself a chef's hat for sappy-equals-happy bonus points.

You Don't Have To Cook: Take a secret early morning trip to the Burger King or McDonald's take-out window. An Egg McMuffin presented on an elegant tray can say "I love you" or "thank you" just as easily as a two-hour breakfast quiche.

Booze Adds Class: We associate celebrations with liquor. Breakfast in bed should be no exception. It only takes a half a glass of champagne to transform a half a glass of orange juice into a Mimosa. Add a couple teaspoons of Grand Marnier to plain pancake or waffle batter to create something you'd be proud to serve with a faux French accent.

Cherry Wood Bed TrayCrumbs In Bed Ruin The Mood: If you don't have a breakfast-in-bed tray, fold a table cloth in half and lay it down. A nice basket filled with hand-held items like muffins, fruit and the morning paper can provide an elegant low-crumb experience. A bedside table is imperative to hold beverages, condiments and waste (banana peels, muffin papers, etc.). A coffee table or even a chair can be used to fill this need.

Don't Forget The Kiss (If Appropriate): A quick closed-mouth smooch on the lips or cheek is an ideal appetizer to breakfast in bed. "Why closed mouth, Mr Breakfast?" During the night, over 170 different types of bacteria have languished in your loved one's mouth feeding on bits of decaying food particles between teeth. When bacteria consume nutrients, they produce sulfur compounds. The result is "morning breath".

Clean-up: The gift of a dirty kitchen is a rotten gift. A true breakfast in bed aficionado knows the job isn't done until the dishes are washed and the bed is made. This not only completes the job; it also sets a tone for helpful gestures you can perform throughout the day. Don't let the trend of thoughtfulness you've established end at breakfast.

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