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How To Make Donuts In The Microwave
How To Make Donuts In The MicrowaveIf you’ve been on social media in the last year, you’ve probably encountered enticing, single-serving, microwave recipes for brownies, cakes and other desserts. They usually look amazing and always promise to be fast and easy.  I went to baking school, … Continue reading
Bacon Cheddar Oatmeal?
Bacon Cheddar OatmealThe idea of savory oatmeal might sound weird to people used to sweetened packets of oatmeal or simple Old Fashioned oats with brown sugar, etc.  If done wrong, savory oatmeal is weird.  If you use the right oats and treat … Continue reading
Bailey’s Irish Coffee Donuts
St. Patrick's Day Donuts 2014This donut was a huge success last St. Patrick’s Day.  All year whenever I told friends I was thinking of making donuts, they’d say, “You should make the ones you made for St. Patrick’s Day again.” This recipe uses my … Continue reading
A Week Of Oatmeal And Smoothies
Oatmeal & Smoothie WeekA big part of my job as Mr Breakfast is testing recipes that people have submitted to the site over the years.  I love it, but I often find my diet confined to 4 major food groups: eggs, cheese, pancakes … Continue reading
A Trip Down A 1984 Cereal Aisle With Mr. Rogers
1984 Cereal Aisle With Mr. RogersIt’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood grocery store!  In episode #1529 of PBS’s Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,  Mr. Rogers takes a trip to the supermarket.  We get a glimpse of what a cereal aisle looked like in 1984. Fans of … Continue reading
Strawberry Valentine’s Day Donuts
Strawberry Valentine's Day DonutsThis year’s featured Valentine’s Day recipe is for heart-shaped, yeast-raised donuts with strawberry buttercream filling and vanilla icing.  The secret ingredient is… as usual… love.  I decorated some with sprinkles and others with a decorative pink icing that I made … Continue reading
Lemon Curd: The Best Food With The Worst Name
Homemade Lemon CurdsIt’s lemony, sweet and delicious.  It’s easy to make and goes with just about anything.  But what’s up with that name… Lemon Curd.  I like the “lemon” part, but a “curd” is something I expect to find in cottage cheese.  … Continue reading
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This Month's Reason To Eat Breakfast:
There are amazing "brain benefits" for kids who eat breakfast regularly. The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing revealed that children achieve higher IQ scores if they eat breakfast. The nonprofit organization Share Our Strength showed that kids are better at math when they start their day with a healthy meal. A study of 6,000 Canadian kids found that students who ate breakfast had overall better grades and were more likely to graduate high school. Brain scans of children who eat the most important meal of the day show more activity than the scans of children who skip it.

Conversely, a study by the Local Authority Caterers Association concluded that kids are "less attentive" when they don't have breakfast. Reading University revealed that a 12 year old who skips breakfast has the reaction time of a 70 year old in the classroom. In conclusion: Eat your breakfast kids! It makes you smart! See more reasons why you should eat breakfast.

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