New Recipe Comments
Candy just commented on:
Deluxe Crockpot Oatmeal
"Overall, it was not a bad recipe. I read the comments so I d...."
Adella43 just commented on:
German Omelette With Bacon
"Very nice and tasty."
Running Bare just commented on:
Fruit Bran Milk Shake
"I've been using All Bran for making muffins but this sounds ...."
Christina just commented on:
Whole Wheat Blueberry Yogurt Pancakes
"These pancakes turned out deliciously light and fluffy! I'd...."
Lulu just commented on:
Crumble Topping (For Oatmeal)
"Yummy! Can't wait to try this!"
Lwest777 just commented on:
Stone Age Biscuits And Gravy
"I used half chicken stock and half coconut milk for the grav...."
New Cereal Comments
commented on:
Garfield Cereal
"Garfield rocks. They should give him another cereal."
G.I. Joe Action Stars
commented on:
G.I. Joe Action Stars Cereal
"If anyone has a Star Duster, Quick Kick, or Flint version box, please contact me as I woul...."
Honey Nut Clusters
commented on:
Honey Nut Clusters Cereal
"This was the best cereal ever! I still look in different stores when I go out of state to...."
Team Flakes
commented on:
Team Flakes Cereal
"I would like to know the reason they were taken off the shelves. These were better than mo...."
New Restaurants
  1. Joey's Pancake House in Maggie Valley, North Carolina
  2. The Oasis Café & Bakery in Sarasota, Florida
  3. Panagio's in Toronto, International
  4. Bucktown in Dunmore, Pennsylvania
  5. Donny's Breakfast Spot in Sherman Oaks, California
  6. George Diamonds Steak House in Chicago, Illinois
  7. Carolina Pancake House in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  8. The Farmer's Kitchen in Farmington, New Hampshire
  9. The Front Room in Waikanae Beach, International
  10. Wilma & friedas cafe in Palm Desert, California
  11. Great Maple in San Diego, California
  12. Little Wonder Cafe in Richfield, Utah