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New Recipe Comments
Linda just commented on:
Milk Toast
"My Mom also used to make us plain milk toast (no cinnamon on...."
My Idea just commented on:
Apple Bread
"So many of these recipes for these great sweet breads are si...."
Single just commented on:
Milk Toast
"I had to laugh at the comment at the end of the recipe that ...."
bloodymary just commented on:
Spicy Pumpkin and Bacon Waffles
"Ok, so these spicy pumpkin bacon waffles are very tasty, how...."
shodges just commented on:
Pancake Tacos
"Looks good. Gonna try it."
outhouse1 just commented on:
Fried Oatmeal Patties
"Sounds really good. I threw away some leftovers just yester...."
New Cereal Comments
commented on:
Kix Cereal
"There was a short lived character on the KIX box in 1969 named Rick O'Kickme. The box was ...."
commented on:
Kaboom Cereal
"I absolutely loved this cereal! What I wouldn't give to see it back in the grocery stores."
Eggo - Cinnamon Toast
Big Bummer
commented on:
Eggo - Cinnamon Toast Cereal
"One of the best ever and now it's gone. Not fair. "
Grant Schinto
commented on:
Alpha-Bits Cereal
"I'm Gene Schinto's son. Congratulations. You're one of the few web sites to get anything f...."
New Restaurants
  1. 20th Street Cafe in Denver, Colorado
  2. Morning Dew Cafe in Concord, New Hampshire
  3. Rusty Tractor in Elma, Washington
  4. Roxanne's Cafe in Parkville, Missouri
  5. Cooks Cafe in Lincoln, Nebraska
  6. Granny's Cafe in Port Angeles, Washington
  7. Charlie's Cafe in Norfolk, Virginia
  8. Flavours in Florence, Oregon
  9. Vancosta's in Newport News, Virginia
  10. Charlie's Place in Clinton, New York
  11. Route 38 Cafe in Tewksbury, Massachusetts
  12. Buddy's in Dickson, Tennessee