New Recipe Comments
Debbie19702 just commented on:
Quiche Me! Mini Sausage Quiches
"This recipe is absolutely fabulous! I've made it several ti...."
Linda just commented on:
Denver Omelet Pie
"Can this recipe be made up the night before but cooked the n...."
gralan just commented on:
40-Second Omelet
"I added a parmesan-romano mix, with herbs. Loved it!"
C. Wild just commented on:
Savory Miso Oats
Nodie Q. just commented on:
Omelette Savoyarde (French)
"I was introduced to Eggs Savoyarde in Paris at age 16! I've...."
AlwaysTweakin just commented on:
Breakfast Casserole
"For my 2nd try (first time was delicious), I fried some m...."
New Cereal Comments
Ruskets Flakes
commented on:
Ruskets Flakes Cereal
"I remember them well. They were the best. What I wouldn't do for a bowl of the Ruskets bri...."
Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles
"Very delicious mixture here."
King Vitaman
commented on:
King Vitaman Cereal
"One of the best cereals ever - right up there with Quisp. I like Rocky and Bullwinkle too....."
commented on:
Kaboom Cereal
"So nasty. I would hide it and give it to my dog. It tasted like cod liver oil and castor o...."
New Restaurants
  1. bricks in Kansas City, Kansas
  2. Paramount Cafe in Gardner, Massachusetts
  3. Chuckwagon Restaurant in Nokesville, Virginia
  4. Rockin' Ronnie's Paczki Palace in Ipswich, Massachusetts
  5. First Watch in Brentwood, Tennessee
  6. J. Christopher's in Franklin, Tennessee
  7. Northfield Restaurant in Northfield, Illinois
  8. Golden Harvest in Arcata, California
  9. Stax in McCall, Idaho
  10. Strawberry Field Pancakes & Cafe in Lincolnshire, Illinois
  11. Magnolia Diner in Magnolia, Texas
  12. Kitty's Cafe in Magnolia, Texas