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New Recipe Comments
SarahP just commented on:
French Toast Muffins
"Best muffins I've ever had."
laine just commented on:
Cinnamon Waffles
"Mine didn't turn out like they should have. First, they were...."
marge just commented on:
Cran Orange Scones
"I think it really needs the frosting and next time I make it...."
lexie just commented on:
Velveeta Omelet
"Delicious :)"
Carlotta just commented on:
Milk Toast
"Mu mom used to make this with canned milk. She would mix wi...."
Windwraith just commented on:
Steam Fried Eggs Over Easy
"Do yourself a favor and poach eggs instead. I have a cheap s...."
New Cereal Comments
Fortified Oat Flakes
commented on:
Fortified Oat Flakes Cereal
"Absolutely the best cereal ever made. I don't know why Post hasn't brought it back... in t...."
Total Corn Flakes
commented on:
Total Corn Flakes Cereal
"Total Corn Flakes was my ultimate favorite breakfast cereal. I thought that it was only i...."
Honey Graham Oh's
commented on:
Honey Graham Oh's Cereal
"Best cereal ever! Wish more people new about it and it was sold at more places!"
Berry Berry Kix
commented on:
Berry Berry Kix Cereal
"I miss the orginal Berry Berry Kix. Won't buy this version again. Please bring back the or...."
New Restaurants
  1. Off The Waffle in Eugene, Oregon
  2. Hummingbird Cafe in Butte, Montana
  3. Monte's Grill & Pub in Verona, Wisconsin
  4. Blue Bird Cafe in Arlington, Washington
  5. Cafe Verde in Pasadena, California
  6. Garden Of Paradise in Bloomington, Illinois
  7. Red Rooster Restaurant in Longmont, Colorado
  8. Our Place in East Providence, Rhode Island
  9. Cove Pines Cafe in Republic, Washington
  10. Richie's Koffee Shop in Hastings, Michigan
  11. Willows in Fort Wayne, Indiana
  12. Caitlins in Glendale (Cherry Creek), Colorado