New Recipe Comments
Lid just commented on:
Vegan Egg-Free Omelet
"So much tastier with nutritional yeast in mix."
Tracey just commented on:
Hash Brown Patties
"Was a hit for at breakfast this morning!"
hatty just commented on:
Best Waffles Ever
"The moment I tried this recipe I HAD to save it. Winner!"
AndiMouse just commented on:
Caribbean Banana Fritters
"Grew up on these... love them. Making them as we speak."
Mountain Momma just commented on:
Spam Breakfast Hash
"Haven't tried it yet but it looks like it would be a good wa...."
S.D. just commented on:
Eggs And Corn Scramble
"I grew up eating eggs and cream corn - yummy."
New Cereal Comments
Puffa Puffa Rice
commented on:
Puffa Puffa Rice Cereal
"I loved this cereal. The best ever. Wish they would bring it back."
Puffed Rice (Quaker)
commented on:
Puffed Rice (Quaker) Cereal
"C'mon Quaker! I ate this cereal every day of my life until you made it unavailable! I ha...."
commented on:
Concentrate Cereal
"After all these years people are still talking about this cereal... hmmmm, think they shou...."
Bran Chex
commented on:
Bran Chex Cereal
"Is Bran Chex still available anywhere? Please post here and let me know. I need some."
New Restaurants
  1. Newport Family Restaurant in Newport, Delaware
  2. Hot Cakes in East Windsor, Connecticut
  3. Hoots in Naples, Florida
  4. Arriba Mexican Grill in Gilbert, Arizona
  5. Red Hen Bakery & Cafe in Middlesex, Vermont
  6. The Wayside in Barre, Vermont
  7. Boy's Hamburgers in Cathedral City, California
  8. Sunshine Cafe in Cathedral City, California
  9. Spencer's in Palm Springs, California
  10. Spuds in Lansing, Michigan
  11. BlueLine Diner in Niagara Falls, International
  12. Big Chief Travel Plaza in Fergus Falls, Minnesota