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Funky Squirrel just commented on:
Country-Style Pepper Gravy (For Biscuits)
"So glad I found this simple, delicious recipe that even I co...."
K. Yousef just commented on:
Bonita's Apple Bread
"Is it possible that's supposed to say 2 cups milk instead of...."
Plinko just commented on:
Coconut Waffles
"If you find the batter is too thick... add more liquid... us...."
bblack just commented on:
Liver Mush
"This looks very similar to Pennsylvania Scrapple which I hav...."
LaLa32 just commented on:
Microwave Farmers Omelet (In A Cup)
"I did it with Spam and double the cheese. Was great."
Coach H. just commented on:
Grapefruit Blast Smoothie
"It tasted really good. I will make it again."
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Honey Bunches of Oats: Raisin Medley
"Best of all the Honey Bunches - hands down. FRESH RAISINS compared to freeze dried in the...."
Special K Gluten Free
hungry h.
commented on:
Special K Gluten Free Cereal
"I can't find it in the stores anymore. Bummed."
Honey Bunches of Oats with Cinnamon Clusters
"I cannot find these anywhere. Where can we get them? Where did they go? Great cereal."
Puffa Puffa Rice
commented on:
Puffa Puffa Rice Cereal
"I loved this cereal as child. I also loved the commercial with the Hawaiian theme."
New Restaurants
  1. Little Wonder Cafe in Richfield, Utah
  2. Stacker's Grill in Midland, Michigan
  3. The Spot in Burlington, Vermont
  4. Blue Island Bistro in Venice, Florida
  5. Bjís Restaurant in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
  6. Denny's Diner in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
  7. Good Day Cafe in Golden Valley, Minnesota
  8. Frankie's on Fairview in Woodlyn, Pennsylvania
  9. Hobbs in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
  10. The Inn at Swarthmore in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
  11. Kim & Jennny's in Midlothian, Texas
  12. Nicky's Family Dining in Wrentham, Massachusetts