New Recipe Comments
Lily just commented on:
Denver Omelet
"Lovely recipe, but it's not an omelette unless you fill it a...."
Linda11 just commented on:
Simple French Toast
"Love it. We top ours with powdered sugar. Makes it pretty ...."
Bob Seven just commented on:
Buttermilk Waffles
"Hi. This was yummy!"
S. Bell just commented on:
40-Second Omelet
"Amazing awesome omelet!"
HoneyCakes just commented on:
Blueberry Almond Oatmeal
"I added a scoop of protein powder as well. Have to add a li...."
richier just commented on:
Chorizo Con Huevos
"Easy, savory, simple! This is very manageable to serve ever...."
New Cereal Comments
commented on:
Krumbles Cereal
"I agree with all... please re-introduce Krumbles."
Rice Krinkles
commented on:
Rice Krinkles Cereal
"I LOVED Rice Krinkles. I would love to have them made again; Please!!"
Fiona's All Natural Granolas
C.C. Wells
commented on:
Fiona's All Natural Granolas Cereal
"They have very uneven chunks, some way too large to eat."
Grape-Nuts O's
commented on:
Grape-Nuts O's Cereal
"I loved this cereal, and bought it 3 or 4 boxes at a time. I even used in my trail mix a...."
New Restaurants
  1. Brandon's Diner in Rancho Cucamonga, California
  2. Chefo's Pancake House in Appleton, Wisconsin
  3. Nicks Family Restaurant in Denison, Texas
  4. Major Restaurant in Downers Grove, Illinois
  5. Baker's Square in North Olmsted, Ohio
  6. Michael's Family Restaurant in Rocky River, Ohio
  7. Bob Evans in Lakewood, Ohio
  8. John's Diner in Lakewood, Ohio
  9. The Place to Be in Lakewood, Ohio
  10. The Shack Frontenac in St. Louis, Missouri
  11. EJ's Bayfront Cafe in Naples, Florida
  12. The Kitchen Table Cafe - Salmon Creek in Vancouver, Washington