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New Recipe Comments
K.K. just commented on:
Ham And Cheese Quiche
"I wonder if you could make this in a muffin pan and leave ou...."
Kitchen Travels just commented on:
Vegan Egg-Free Omelet
"I had high hopes for this omelette, but... it was just not v...."
Jothi just commented on:
Cheese Omelette
"I usually fry it with oil and use the normal cheese slices......"
S. Heart just commented on:
Cinnamon Flop (Coffee Cake)
"This recipe was superb! I noticed that it didn't include an ...."
justginster just commented on:
IHOP Country Griddle Cakes (Secret Recipe)
"I tried this recipe over a year ago and wasn't impressed by ...."
Garlic7girl just commented on:
Alaskan Omelet
"Good! Yummo!"
New Cereal Comments
Powdered Donutz
I. Will Riot
commented on:
Powdered Donutz Cereal
"I will start a riot if they don't bring back Powdered Donutz soon!"
Crispy Wheats 'n Raisins
commented on:
Crispy Wheats 'n Raisins Cereal
"I loved this cereal. I wish they would bring this back."
Raisin Bran Extra!
Extra Lover OKC
commented on:
Raisin Bran Extra! Cereal
"It's all about the yogurt clusters. The closest cereal to Raisin Bran Extra is Basic 4. Or...."
Apple Raisin Crisp
commented on:
Apple Raisin Crisp Cereal
"Love this cereal. How can I buy more? I've been looking for years for this and nothing co...."
New Restaurants
  1. Tim's Kitchen in North Vernon, Indiana
  2. Big Apple in Marlborough, Massachusetts
  3. Waverly Street Cafe & Grill in Framingham, Massachusetts
  4. The Hatchery in Ludlow, Vermont
  5. Turning Point in Brick, New Jersey
  6. Irv & Karen's in Brick, New Jersey
  7. Village Inn in Rock Springs, Wyoming
  8. Applebee's in Rock Springs, Wyoming
  9. Heavenly Roadside Cafe in Scotts Valley, California
  10. Talent Cafe in Talent, Oregon
  11. Hannahs Koney Island in East Lansing, Michigan
  12. Stonybrook Family Restaurant in York, Pennsylvania