New Recipe Comments
Sonu just commented on:
Bruschetta Scramble
"It was good."
Rappinghood just commented on:
Breakfast Hashbrown Casserole
"This is like something that I could probably eat for every m...."
madmax just commented on:
Best Waffles Ever
"Wow - it really did work! Superb results. Thanks big time."
H. Stanley just commented on:
Blueberry Almond Oatmeal
"Really good, but like the other person said - a couple drops...."
Heidikins just commented on:
Low-Carb Pancakes (Pork Rinds)
"These pancakes are wonderful! I will be having them a lot. ...."
jwoolman just commented on:
Baked Beans On Toast
"Also, I typically use vegetarian beans (Bush or Heinz or any...."
New Cereal Comments
Fruity Dyno-Bites
commented on:
Fruity Dyno-Bites Cereal
"This is just as good as Fruity Pebbles. I can't tell the difference and it is much cheaper...."
Corn Bran
commented on:
Corn Bran Cereal
"Great cereal, but no one seems to carry it anymore."
Raisin Squares
commented on:
Raisin Squares Cereal
"I can not believe they are not being made any more! It was a great breakfast snack: Kellog...."
Sugar Jets
commented on:
Sugar Jets Cereal
"I am 66. Sugar Jets and Rice Krinkles were great tasting and popular. Why they ever stoppe...."
New Restaurants
  1. Bjís Restaurant in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
  2. Denny's Diner in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
  3. Good Day Cafe in Golden Valley, Minnesota
  4. Frankie's on Fairview in Woodlyn, Pennsylvania
  5. Hobbs in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
  6. The Inn at Swarthmore in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
  7. Kim & Jennny's in Midlothian, Texas
  8. Nicky's Family Dining in Wrentham, Massachusetts
  9. The Buzz Family Diner in Whitehouse, Ohio
  10. Goodies in North Stonington, Connecticut
  11. The Brick in Kansas City, Kansas
  12. Paramount Cafe in Gardner, Massachusetts