New Recipe Comments
Christina just commented on:
Applesauce Pancakes
"These turned out great! I used a flavored applesauce, which...."
lochnessme just commented on:
Grand Marnier French Toast
"Wasn't too keen on this. I used brioche and it got really so...."
CoffeeGuy just commented on:
Mocha Coffee
"Was good - but not that much better than plain coffee with c...."
Mwjakel just commented on:
Denver Omelet
"Made this with what was in the fridge. Didn't have ham so I...."
Dayne just commented on:
Vetkoek (South African)
"CAME OUT Perfectly."
BeeBee just commented on:
Simple Bacon Omelet
"Needs lots of cheese... then perfect."
New Cereal Comments
Sprinkle Spangles
commented on:
Sprinkle Spangles Cereal
"Please bring this cereal back out into the grocery stores! This is a childhood favorite of...."
Cinnamon Burst Cheerios
"I would love to see Cinna Burst Cheerios back in the stores. I can not believe that it had...."
Oatmeal Squares - Brown Sugar
"This is a great breakfast cereal."
Total Raisin Bran
commented on:
Total Raisin Bran Cereal
"Why do they discontinue Total Raisin Bran which it the best and leave all the other garbag...."
New Restaurants
  1. Kim & Jennny's in Midlothian, Texas
  2. Nicky's Family Dining in Wrentham, Massachusetts
  3. The Buzz Family Diner in Whitehouse, Ohio
  4. Goodies in North Stonington, Connecticut
  5. The Brick in Kansas City, Kansas
  6. Paramount Cafe in Gardner, Massachusetts
  7. Chuckwagon Restaurant in Nokesville, Virginia
  8. Rockin' Ronnie's Paczki Palace in Ipswich, Massachusetts
  9. First Watch in Brentwood, Tennessee
  10. J. Christopher's in Franklin, Tennessee
  11. Northfield Restaurant in Northfield, Illinois
  12. Golden Harvest in Arcata, California