New Recipe Comments
RAZZ just commented on:
Fruit Cocktail Kugel
"I've made this twice, first with medium noodles, and second ...."
Jennifer S. just commented on:
Jelly Omelet
"My dad used to make sweet omelets for us as kids, only the i...."
Crispy K. just commented on:
Cinnamon Sugar Oatmeal
"Was good. Would make again."
Allie just commented on:
Hash Browns - Low Carb Cabbage
"I was out of onion, so I just used salt & pepper but mixed t...."
LetsTalkFood just commented on:
Bread-N-Butter Waffles
"I make these a lot. Quick and easy and that's what I'm all a...."
mariah_mii10 just commented on:
Microwave Farmers Omelet (In A Cup)
"I made this for my mother and she LOVED it!"
New Cereal Comments
commented on:
Krumbles Cereal
"It was the best cereal by far and people have been telling Kellogg's this for years. What...."
Life - Vanilla
commented on:
Life - Vanilla Cereal
"I love vanilla. It's amazing. So when I say that this is the most disgusting cereal I've e...."
Country Morning
Bring It back!
commented on:
Country Morning Cereal
"Best granola cereal of all times. Kellogg's broke my heart when they discontinued it. It w...."
Frosted Toast Crunch
commented on:
Frosted Toast Crunch Cereal
"Really sucks they discontinued it. All I read and see is people loving it and giving it 5 ...."
New Restaurants
  1. Sunset Grill in Fredericksburg, Texas
  2. Hen House in Gardner, Massachusetts
  3. Jupiter Donuts in Palm Harbor, Florida
  4. JUICY'S The Place with the Great Food in Lake Havasu City, Arizona
  5. Brigs at the Forest in Wake Forest, North Carolina
  6. Brigs at the Park in Durham, North Carolina
  7. Johnny D's in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  8. The Old Arcana in Arcanum, Ohio
  9. Big Bear Bistro in Vail, Colorado
  10. Weinerschnitzel in Stockton, California
  11. Babe's Place in Attleboro, Massachusetts
  12. Lancer's in Burbank, California