New Recipe Comments
Breakfast Snob just commented on:
Bunuelos (Christmas)
"Beg your pardon these are not buņelos, these are fried dough...."
Lumpy Sugar just commented on:
Mapleine Maple Syrup
"Thanks for posting this wonderful recipe. It actually tastes...."
c.m. just commented on:
Cinnamon Waffles
"I added a bit more sugar cinnamon, a sprinkling of brown sug...."
Rama just commented on:
Vegan Egg-Free Omelet
"This is the best vegetarian fake egg recipe that I have ever...."
marla just commented on:
Texas Breakfast Casserole
"I wonder if the casserole is dry since there is no addition ...."
Kathy-3 just commented on:
Egg-Free Crepes
"Added cinnamon to the batter which comes out of the pan very...."
New Cereal Comments
Mr. T
Laura R.
commented on:
Mr. T Cereal
"I miss this cereal, and have ever since I was a kid and it was discontinued. I would start...."
Fiber One 80: Honey Squares
"Why did it disappear? Me and my wife liked it a lot. Seems like a lot of people liked it....."
Oops! All Berries (Cap'n Crunch)
"I don't care for it too much. Awfully sweet. I prefer the regular Cap'n Crunch with the '...."
Chia Plus: Coconut Chia Granola
"OMG!! So good. I advise everyone to buy, buy, buy... and enjoy :)"
New Restaurants
  1. Skyway Diner in St. Petersburg, Florida
  2. Cafe Sowa in Lincoln, Rhode Island
  3. Persy's Place in East Providence, Rhode Island
  4. East Penn Diner in Emmaus, Pennsylvania
  5. Waffle House in Gulfport, Mississippi
  6. Ralph and Jo's Cafe in Franklin, New Hampshire
  7. Frank's Deli and Cafe in Port St. Lucie, Florida
  8. Front Porch Cafe in Ellsworth, Michigan
  9. KP'S Restaurant INC. in Rutland, Massachusetts
  10. Tastee Diner in Asheville, North Carolina
  11. Shipwreck Sally's in Norfolk, Virginia
  12. The Food Shack in Pt Pleasant, New Jersey