Ocean Spray Oatmeal
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Ocean Spray Oatmeal

From Sturm Foods, Inc.
Reviewed by Kellie D. on 9/11/2009

This oatmeal is great if you're looking for a change from the standard 3 flavors you usually find in the supermarket. I tried the Cranberry Orange Muffin flavor first - hoping it would truly taste like one of those orange glazed muffins you might find at Starbucks. That wasn't the case - and in fact the orange flavor is really muted in this. I would have liked to taste just a bit more of a citrus punch in this oatmeal. On the other hand, though, the cranberries were excellent. Rather than being the tart, chewy, dried cranberries I expected, I was surprised to find that they seemed more like freeze-dried fresh cranberries. They plumped up in the oatmeal very well, and added a great fresh flavor. Not too tart, not too sweet - and not reminiscent of any standard "holiday" cranberry flavor - this is a great oatmeal to add into your instant oatmeal rotation!

Next I tried the Cranberry Pomegranate. This is really the clear winner. I recommend both flavors, but the Cranberry Pomegranate has a really amazing, rich taste. If I had my eyes closed and didn't know it was pomegranate, I would have sworn there were fresh blueberries chopped up in it. As far a fresh, real flavors go - this is the most impressive I've found in any breakfast product in a while.

Great work Ocean Spray! We love these!

Ocean Spray Oatmeal

A Note From Mr Breakfast

First, a huge thanks to Kellie D. of Hollywood, CA for sending me the review above. Great work Kellie!

I completely agree with Kellie's assessment of these varieties of Ocean Spray Oatmeal. These are essentially cranberry oatmeals with the lightest touch of additional flavors. The orange and pomegranate flavors make more of an impact as an fun idea on the box than it makes as a flavor in your mouth.

This is a true story: I tried the same varieties as Kellie. I made a bowl of each and sat at the table with the boxes propped up behind of each bowl. Only one problem... I wasn't sure which oatmeal was in which bowl. I gave each oatmeal a taste and I still didn't know which was which. It wasn't until the third bite that I sensed an orange flavor in the orange variety. If it wasn't for Kellie's mention that the pomegranate variety tasted more like blueberry, I would have never identified it as pomegranate.

That might sound like a complaint, but it really isn't. Even if the additional flavors aren't too striking, the cranberries in these oatmeals are delightful... tangy, sweet and a perfect complement to the oatmeal. Plus, I'm always excited about anything that excites people about oatmeal. It is one of the healthiest breakfast options available to modern man.

I second Kellie's summary, "Great work Ocean Spray! We love these!"

The price we paid: $2.99

 (6 out of 7 Golden Eggs)
Comments About This Product Review
What do you think of Ocean Spray Oatmeal?
Official Member: Team BreakfastBy Berniemac (Team Breakfast Member)

Product Rating (out of 5):

I loved Ocean Spray oatmeal but cannot find it. Where did you get it?

Comment submitted: 10/26/2016 (#5444)

By Wanna Try

Okay... so where can I purchase this new Ocean Spray oatmeal? I looked for it at Kroger in my area but they did not have it. My next stop will be Walmart.

Comment submitted: 6/13/2012 (#3144)

By McGraw

Product Rating (out of 5):

Has this product been discontinued by Ocean Spray? I haven't seen it for the last few months.

Comment submitted: 5/9/2012 (#3115)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy nicky0510 (Team Breakfast Member)

Product Rating (out of 5):

I found the Ocean Spray oatmeal only at Big Lots in my area, fell in love with the Cranberry Pomegranate. Went back intending to stock up and found the Cranberry Honey Multigrain. Got a couple of boxes of it. Love it, but not as much as the first. Have not come across the other yet. I recommend the oatmeal to all I know that like oatmeal.

Comment submitted: 1/15/2012 (#2969)

By c.j.

I am also trying to find these cranberry oatmeals. King Kullen in RVC LI NY but can't find it. Plenty of Quaker oats, what's going on?

Comment submitted: 9/25/2011 (#2897)

By n.g.

Product Rating (out of 5):

I live in Pa and have been having problems getting my favorite oatmeal from Ocean Spray Oatmeal. I been looking in all the stores in my area. Where can I get my oatmeal.

Comment submitted: 2/16/2011 (#2732)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy Lostwithoutit (Team Breakfast Member)

Product Rating (out of 5):

I live in Pittsburgh and the last time I bought Ocean Spray Oatmeal I wiped out the shelf at our local Giant Eagle. I've been searching for more... it's the best and my favorite! I'm lost without it!

Comment submitted: 2/3/2011 (#2699)

By rog615

I can't find it nowhere in Nashville TN. Can someone email me where to get it. Big Lots is out. rdfslg@aol.com

Comment submitted: 1/27/2011 (#2688)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy saranjack (Team Breakfast Member)

Product Rating (out of 5):

I have been eating the regular cranberry for a very long time and then today I go to my local Bi Lo's and it is no longer on the shelf . What the heck? Now where do I buy it? Walmart quit carrying it a long time ago.

Comment submitted: 1/26/2011 (#2686)

By Oatmeal lover

Product Rating (out of 5):

I am using this product for couple of month and I am loving it... Less sugar good test of cranberry... Is the best instance oatmeal I ever had.

Comment submitted: 1/12/2011 (#2665)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy sjoiii (Team Breakfast Member)

Product Rating (out of 5):

Outstanding tart flavor. It is my favorite but it has been discontinued by all the grocery stores in my area. I bought the last few boxes at virtually every store where I could find it. - SJO

Comment submitted: 12/11/2010 (#2628)

By kitterykid

Product Rating (out of 5):

Ocean Spray Oatmeal was at Shaw's, when I went back the next month, it was off the shelf. Last month I asked the Store Manager why it wasn't offered, he said it probably didn't sell. I asked him to get it back.

Comment submitted: 9/1/2010 (#2492)

By Don't Go!

Product Rating (out of 5):

No one carries Oceanspray oatmeal anymore, which sucks cause I like all the flavors. I think the only place that carries it now and only the pomagrante is Wal-Greens Jacksonville, Fl and it's expensive now. I don't why they would come out with this oatmeal and then to turn around and take it away.

Comment submitted: 8/28/2010 (#2491)

By LoveThe Oats

Product Rating (out of 5):

Found this oatmeal at Super One but they no longer carry it. Will keep looking. I just loved it.

Comment submitted: 8/21/2010 (#2478)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy songbird76 (Team Breakfast Member)

Product Rating (out of 5):

Oh my God! I found this brand at Big Lots, in Allentown, PA; paid $2.30 each. I bought the Cranberry, Cranberry Pomegranate, and Cranberry Honey Multigrain. Clearly, the Cranberry Honey Multigrain is my favorite; though, the plain Cranberry is very good, too. I love this oatmeal. I've been going to different Big Lots and buying several at a time. It's one of those discount stores where, if you see it, buy it, because it might not be there next time. I had never even seen it before. I'm hoping I can find it in a regular grocery store, once Big Lots runs out! In fact, I'm doing a search today for the Cranberry Honey. Thank you for having a place to share comments about this excellent product. Cindy M.

Comment submitted: 7/3/2010 (#2401)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy tsm43 (Team Breakfast Member)

Product Rating (out of 5):

I love this oatmeal, too! I prefer the orange. Our local grocery chain (Brookshire's) had a clearance sale a couple of months back because they decided not to sell it anymore, so I bought everything they had (about 8 boxes). I am on my last box! :-( I noticed the other day that Walmart has the cranberry and cranberry-pomegranate. May have to try those! It really is the best packaged oatmeal ever. Can't understand why all these stores are discontinuing it!

Comment submitted: 6/16/2010 (#2372)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy kuching (Team Breakfast Member)

Product Rating (out of 5):

I have found it at Giant in Charlottesville, VA and Farmfresh in Virginia Beach. Orange Muffin my favorite, cranberry second. Cran/Pomegranate a tad too sweet. Beats Quaker by a mile.

Comment submitted: 5/3/2010 (#2307)

By Bummer

Product Rating (out of 5):

I loved this product and while my local walmart carried it I even bought extra boxes. Eventually they stopped putting it on the shelves and I was so disappointed! No where else sells it in my small town. Bummer! Wish I could find it somewhere.

Comment submitted: 3/17/2010 (#2225)


Product Rating (out of 5):

I live in Wilmington, NC and found Bi-Lo carries the whole Ocean Spray Oatmeal line up in Myrtle Beach, SC. I bought a box of each for $3.34 per box plus 1% sales tax.

Comment submitted: 3/12/2010 (#2220)

By Bob

Product Rating (out of 5):

I can't find it either - I'll keep looking.

Comment submitted: 3/6/2010 (#2203)

By Patrick in L.A.

Product Rating (out of 5):

I feel like a big nerd googling for this product (and writing this) but this is the *best* oatmeal I have ever tried!

Comment submitted: 3/5/2010 (#2200)

By TulsaOK

Product Rating (out of 5):

I love, Love, love it.... I tried all the different flavors and love them all. The orange is my favorite. I can not find them anywhere? What happened? I live just outside of Tulsa OK. Do you have mail-order?

Comment submitted: 2/23/2010 (#2179)

By grandma

Can not find in grocery stores near Galloway, Ohio anymore. Best cereal I ever had. Why is it so hard to find?

Comment submitted: 2/23/2010 (#2178)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy dudley (Team Breakfast Member)

Product Rating (out of 5):

I am really enjoying the orange muffin cranberry oatmeal. But, it's the one thing I can only find in one store. Never found it in any other.

Comment submitted: 2/6/2010 (#2132)

By tanned

Product Rating (out of 5):

Can't find product in North Carolina either - need to know where it can be purchased.

Comment submitted: 1/28/2010 (#2114)

By ocean spray luv

Product Rating (out of 5):

Where can you find it in NJ? Bought it in Acme once and never found it again.

Comment submitted: 1/21/2010 (#2103)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy gma_jr (Team Breakfast Member)

My mother is 95 years old. She never ate much oatmeal until she found your cranberry orange muffin oatmeal. She loves it. She use to be able to get it in Nashua, N.H. where she lives, but can't find it anywhere now. I live in S.C. and I was hoping to find it here, but no luck here either. Please let me know where we can find it for her. Please help make a 95 year old woman happy. Thank you. - Concerned Daughter

Comment submitted: 1/17/2010 (#2090)

By stuart

Do it yourself, put in bowl, oats, soft cranberries, tablespoon frozen blueberries, flax seeds, & milk. 130 seconds in m-wave. It's awesome and super good for you. And there is no sugar - Stuart, Boston, MA

Comment submitted: 1/11/2010 (#2078)

By panola

Product Rating (out of 5):

1/11/10 -- Me, too! Where can I buy it? Harris Teeter used to carry it but now it's not there. It is the only oatmeal product that stays with me until lunch time. I like it so much that people have actually given me the oatmeal as a gift! Can you help me locate it in Winston-Salem, NC?

Comment submitted: 1/11/2010 (#2076)

By Ms. T.

We just started carrying this product in the Piggly Wiggly stores in Mississippi.

Comment submitted: 1/6/2010 (#2070)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy lindylou (Team Breakfast Member)

I live in the Albany N.Y. area and cannot find the oatmeal with cranberries where can I find it? They had it for a long time now nothing in the whole area.

Comment submitted: 12/25/2009 (#2055)

By the queen

Where can I buy it? All the stores in my area Albany new york none of them carry it any more so where can I get it? This is the oatmeal with cranberries.

Comment submitted: 12/10/2009 (#2038)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy kenneth (Team Breakfast Member)

Where can I buy it? None of the chain grocery stores in Kansas City carry it.

Comment submitted: 11/25/2009 (#2018)

By Snapper


Comment submitted: 11/19/2009 (#2010)

By jana

Product Rating (out of 5):

Please tell me where to buy it. I bought it first at the commisary on the base in California but they no longer carry it and now am unasble to find it anywhere.

Comment submitted: 11/18/2009 (#2008)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy edgukaytor (Team Breakfast Member)

Product Rating (out of 5):

I live in Winchester, VA and have bought OceanSpray Cranberry Oatmeal for 2 years and now I cannot find it in any Grocery Store in the area. I LOVE this cereal! HELP!!! edgukaytor3@aol.com

Comment submitted: 11/10/2009 (#1993)

By Tweet

Where can you buy this cranberry oatmeal?

Comment submitted: 11/3/2009 (#1986)

By satin68

Product Rating (out of 5):

Love it way better then the others out there, I got it at our Walmart.

Comment submitted: 11/2/2009 (#1984)


Product Rating (out of 5):

Just found it at Dierberg's in St. Louis area. Tried the cranberry and cranberry and pomegranate flavors. They didn't carry the honey flavor. I liked both flavors, but the pomegranate was the best. Liked it because it wasn't too sweet!!!

Comment submitted: 10/28/2009 (#1977)

By hippity

Went to 3 stores looking for the Cranberry Orange Muffin variety. Paid $3.99 and was a bit disappointed. Not even a hint of orange. Would have liked more orange flavor. It was ok.

Comment submitted: 10/22/2009 (#1971)

By Caribbean Queen

Where can we find this product? I've looked in all the major groceries.

Comment submitted: 10/2/2009 (#1950)

By Trouble Finding It

Tried buying this today at Walmart. They did not carry it. I was so disappointed

Comment submitted: 9/22/2009 (#1934)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy jacob_rhys (Team Breakfast Member)

Super easy to make on your own simplly by using half OJ half soy/cow milk and adding frozen cranberries. Much less expensive and its great when you add some nutmeg or finely chopped pecans.

Comment submitted: 9/12/2009 (#1908)

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