Northern Pines Sugar Free Pancake Syrup
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Northern Pines Sugar Free Pancake Syrup

From Gust John Foods & Products
Reviewed by Mr Breakfast on 10/9/2009

This isn't so much a review as an appreciation. Recently, I experimented with a low sugar diet. The experiment only lasted about three days, but it did yield some unexpected positive results... I found a sugar-free pancake syrup that I love.

About three hours into my new diet, I started to crave pancakes. With enriched flour and sugar off my menu, a stack of hot cakes dripping with sweet syrup seemed out of the question. How do committed dieters address theses intense pancake cravings?

Here's how: a good whole-wheat pancake batter and Northern Pines Sugar-Free Pancake Syrup.

This syrup doesn't taste like pure maple syrup. It's flavor is more similar to Aunt Jemima and other maple-flavored syrups. Personally, I like that flavor. It's the kind of syrup my mom used. I was very happy to find a satisfying sugar-free substitute.

Most sugar-free syrups serve up an unwelcome, artificial aftertaste. Fortunately, that's not so much case with this syrup.

I won't lie. If you concentrate on the flavor and search your palate for the presence of Nutra-Sweet, you'll find it. But if your focus is aimed more toward enjoying pancakes than criticizing sweeteners, you're likely to forget that you're tasting a sugar-free product.

In short, with this syrup you can still have syrup on a low-sugar diet and not feel like you're giving up flavor.

I'm also going to recommend Northern Pines Sugar-Free Blueberry Syrup... but with two reservations. Their blueberry syrup is satisfying sweet and loaded with a blueberry flavor. Unfortunately, the color of the syrup is more chocolate brown than blueberry blue and makes for a less-than-picture perfect pancake breakfast. The taste of artificial sweetener is slightly more prevalent in the blueberry variety. That said, this is still one of the better sugar-free blueberry syrups on the market.

Northern Pines has been in the pancake business for some 30 years. In addition to syrups, they offer a variety of pancake and other baking mixes - all of which are top quality. For more information or to order any of the products mentioned here, visit

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By grani jm

Product Rating (out of 5):

I tried it first at a restaurant this morning. I am ready to buy my own. Delicious!

Comment submitted: 1/19/2010 (#2093)

Official Member: Team BreakfastBy Towelwizard42 (Team Breakfast Member)

Product Rating (out of 5):

This stuff really is good. its hard to tell the difference between this and normal syrup. but again, normal syrup is not pure maple syrup. Aunt Jamima is comparable

Comment submitted: 10/30/2009 (#1981)

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