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Memphis, Tennessee

King Biscuit Diner
Currently listed as CLOSED
8050 Dexter Road

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Review by: Visitor on 10/21/2007
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On the menu there is Onion Bagel and Lox - fresh cured salmon with cream cheese, red onion & capers for $7.50.

The onion bagel was small and had absolutely no flavor. It was lukewarm and soggy. It was already made, they put a tiny amount of cream cheese on it, a little lox, a little red onion, and completely left off the capers. When we asked about the capers they were surprised, but we got a little in a bowl. The whole ensamble was pretty bad. When we told the waiter that we weren't happy with it, he went to talk to the manager. The manager's answer was that they use the same bagel as everybody else. (We were not sure who he meant by everybody else, and if that's the case why would we come to eat there if everybody else has the same?) That's it. We had to pay the full price, and we didn't even get an apology. Oh, and they added two coffees to our bill, even though we didn't order or have any.
The food is bad, and the service sucks. Do not go here!

Award Nomination: Biggest Ripoff

Review #11697
Review by: thomaspak1 on 10/6/2007
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The Special pancakes and are to die for. The menu is huge and original like the breakfast pizza and 5 different kinds of eggs benedicts. The coffee there is best I had other than coffee houses. Highly recomended

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

Review #11551

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