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Memphis, Tennessee

Dino's Grill
645 N McLean Blvd
(Approximately 3 blocks North of the Memphis Zoo, and just West of Rhodes College.)

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Review by: katfish on 12/11/2012
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They only do breakfast on the weekend (I'm pretty sure) and it ends at 11. The menu isn't very big, but the prices are about the best in town. There's nothing fancy, but the food is good. I can personally vouch for their western omelet and the 2 egg special which comes with your choice of meat and either grits or hash browns. Good place!

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Review by: Visitor on 11/29/2003
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This place has been around for ages and is family owned and operated. It's a little worn around the edges because of its age, but the prices are great, the food is hot, and it's a cozy place to read or hang out with friends. You'll find lots of regulars here; it's really a neighborhood favorite. The cooks have been here for years, and they know southern cooking well. The coffee is always perfect. After breakfast hours, it's all about Italian food.

Award Nomination: Best Bargin Breakfast

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