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Memphis, Tennessee

Cafe Francisco
Currently listed as CLOSED
400 North Main Street
On the Trolley Line, adjacent to the Giant Pyramid

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Review by: muesliLovr on 3/9/2012
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Doesn't Apply
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Sad to say, this place has been closed since September 2007. It was a very nice place. At the time it closed, the owner, Julie Ray, said she hoped to reopen somewhere else in Downtown Memphis, but she never has.

Review #23128
Review by: jabeln on 4/8/2006
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Let me start off by saying the food was hot. That being said, let me continue....

First, NEVER in my life have I been to a place in the USA that charges for refills on coffee. Second, the menu is lacking and requires further explanation. Third, upon entering the place [which is kind of nice] you head towards a seat but are told to place an order at the counter before seating. We didn't know the procedure. We make it a habit to try different breakfast places here so we are kind of an old hand with what's decent.

Award Nomination: Biggest Ripoff

Review #7220
Review by: jedi_cornbread on 10/13/2003
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Some of the best Frittatas I've ever tried. (they take about 30 minutes on the weekends)

Weekends, these guys serve breakfast all day long.
Wonderful coffee, and tea. The Cafe itself is also fairly neat...Europe meets Memphis.


Award Nomination: Most Comfortable

Review #2433

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