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Springfield, Virginia

Smith & Clarkson's Deli
8015 Braddock Rd
Springfield, VA 22151

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Review by: Visitor on 4/12/2011
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I went there due to the review you gave.
1) THEY NEED TO CLEAN IT MORE. It was a bit grimy. We said Good morning to the lady at the counter and she stared back bored! no response. The food was hit and miss. My Sisters breakfast was very good. My omelet was eh but the home fries were excellent as was the toast. My brothers sandwiches were also hit and miss. The New Yorker was very good the Cuban, bread was stale. My husbands breakfast sandwich was okay. Nothing special. We watched the ladies behind the counter play with their hair as we waited. The owner should hire different, cleaner, friendlier staff and improve their cooks ideas of breakfast.

Award Nomination: Worst Service

Review #22334
Review by: jesswade on 4/12/2009
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I walked into Smith & Clarkson's a few years ago to grab what I thought was just gonna be a bagel & coffee while I was working by merchandising weekend route. I don't even like bagels. I saw they had BLT's and ordered one - the BEST BLT EVER - and the coffee was great. Well we decided to try their breakfast and OH MY - this place is wonderful!! The bacon is excellent, the breakfast burrito, and all of the breakfast sandwiches are soooo great. Not greasy, they use good hearty ingredients!! But if you order pancakes - only order 1 - because it equals to about 3 regular sized ones. This place is excellent!!

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

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