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Providence, Rhode Island

Brickway on Wickenden in Providence
Brickway on Wickenden
234 Wickenden Street

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Review by: billyjoebob on 7/25/2010
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I would rate it awesome for the food alone. I've run around the menu and haven't found anything that didn't force me to overeat. As other reviewers will attest it is crowded, noisy, has lines and staff that are challenged to keep on top of all of the closely packed tables. Be prepared to flag for coffee refills and to feel a little pressure to vacate the table when you are done but don't miss out on the fantastic food and coffee. This was my RI favorite breakfast, by flavor and preparation, until we found Nick's on Broadway.

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Review by: Visitor on 11/15/2009
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The number one reason to go here, is the food. Great pancakes, omelettes, and specials.

That being said, it goes a bit over the top STRAINING to be trendy. From the attire of the staff to the decor, they go way beyond keeping it simple.

This seems to make the place noisy, and a bit annoying to try to relax in.

I still stop in when I want a great breakfast. I don't bring the paper and don't plan on staying long.

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Review by: radner on 8/21/2008
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Usually very good. I've had the best luck with pancakes here. You get a lot of food for about $8 a person. Can be very busy. Service is just okay. Coffee is really good.

Award Nomination: Best Bargin Breakfast

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