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Tucson, Arizona

Rigos Mexican Restaurant
2527 S 4th Ave
Tucson, AZ 85713
Phone: (520) 882-9323

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Review by: grosland on 8/14/2008
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definatly off the beat and path but well worth the trek we the had the breakfast buffett the price was right and the food and service were GREAT GO THERE

Award Nomination: Best Bargin Breakfast

Review #14539
Review by: penoir on 4/8/2008
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Gut busting authentic mexican breakfasts. Breakfast buffet offered as well.
I had chorizo, eggs and hashbrowns; my husband had an carne asada omelette. Both our breakfasts were awesome and we got out of there under $15. Tortillas were heavenly.

It's in the south part of Tucson, not the best area; but there are many wonderful authentic mexican restaurants around here, Rigos is a great place to start.
Opens at 6am.

Award Nomination: Best Bargin Breakfast

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