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Arlington, Virginia

Silver Diner
Clarendon Blvd

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Review by: Visitor on 8/6/2010
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I was worried this was slipping into chain restaurant mode last time I had breakfast there 6mos back...turns out just didn't get the blueplate menu in my menu and less experienced waitstaff didn't think about it. back at the countertop the old hands run the show and you get the good stuff for relatively good price -- 12 meals priced $6 -9 and all include unlimited pretty good coffee and 12 oz juice -- V8 also. Back in breakfast club.

other meals here have sometimes been disappointing, but I think back on right track.

Review #20709
Review by: Visitor on 1/5/2008
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Arlington's Silver Diner locationis also its best breakfast spot. If it were in New Jersey, it would be average or below, but in the DC area, it's among the best. Silver Diner tries to recreate a '50s vintage diner and generally does a good job. The menu has the classics and some more modern options. One warning: if you order the french toast be sure to tell the server NO CARAMEL! I have no idea why anyone would think caramel on french toast would be a good idea, but that's what's on the menu. The original waitstaff is excellent and really adds to the breakfast experience. Some recent hires don't quite measure up, especially in terms of their English language skills. Join the Blue Plate club for discounts and enjoy your breakfast.

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