Breakfast Restaurant Reviews
Boise, Idaho

7135 W. State Street
(in the Big Lots Center across from Wal-Mart)

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Review by: ChicaEliza on 10/12/2010
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I love both Sunrise restaurants they have one on state and one in meridian.Great portions for the price! Husband and I go there all the time =)

Award Nomination: Best Bargin Breakfast

Review #21294
Review by: ajcarl on 2/23/2007
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I had been told that Sunrise was a good local chain of coffeeshops and they had a decent breakfast. The food I had (bacon/eggs) was passable and I went again for pancakes which were also fine. But nothing stood out, and that's what we're looking for is a standout breakfast. When I pluck down $8-12 for breakfast, I want to leave thinking this is the best deal and one of the best meals I've had in years. At Sunrise, it was all okay but not special. You will get a standard coffee shop meal, but I would say Shari's about a mile away is better, and both Granny's and Merrit's (both located at the same intersection) blow away this Sunrise. So it's okay but not the best in this neighborhood.

I have now been told that the Sunrise in Meridian is better--they have the same menu, I don't know what could be any different.

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