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Santa Monica, California

Jack n' Jill's
510 Santa Monica Blvd.
(310) 656-1501

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Review by: eatter on 6/23/2006
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GREAT PANCAKES! I had the Strawberry Oatmeal and my friend had the chocolate pecan. Way better than the Griddle. They were moist and delicious. The omelettes looked great, next time! Had a green tea latte-Yummy! Much cozier than the Beverly Hills one but the food is just as good. We took a Red Velvet cupcake home, ate it 4 hours later-still amazing! I love this place!

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

Review #7809
Review by: JoeyGirl on 3/8/2006
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Doesn't Apply
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This location is alot smaller and less pretentious than the one in Beverly Hills. I had the strawberry oatmeal pancakes, which were very interesting. Since i love pancakes, oatmeal, and strawberries i had to try this! They basically mix cooked oatmeal into the pancake batter, griddle it, and then serve it with fresh strawberries on top. The oatmeal made each bite creamy and moist, but there wasnt much flavor, so the syrup was key here.. and i thought they really skimped on the strawberries. I also tried their flourless peanut butter nutella cookie (which is not soft like their more famous ones)and disliked it so much i didnt even finish it. ME?? Not finish a cookie?? That's when you know its bad. It was crumbly and dry - awful. I'll stick with the other flavors next time cause they are to-die-for! Also, don't get the buttercream cupcake, it tasted like plastic frosting.

Award Nomination: Most Comfortable

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