Breakfast Restaurant Reviews
Charlottesville, Virginia

Italian Villa
aka The Villa
129 N. Emmet St.
(at Ivy Rd.)

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 (2 out of 5)

Average Coffee Refill Rating:

 (2 out of 5)

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 (4 out of 5)

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Review by: drkdragons on 2/23/2010
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Place sucks. Service is rude and takes forever to get what you order. Half the time they bring you the wrong thing and want to blame you!!! Food is ok at best when cooked correctly. Not child friendly in the least, they look at them as if they are some sort of demon. Get mad if you do not leave a tip and the waiters come to you asking why and cussing at you.

Award Nomination: Hugest Dump

Review #19395
Review by: drichrx on 12/30/2005
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People told me that despite the name this was the best place for breakfast. I found the food mediocre and somewhat pricey for what you got. There has to be better places in a town known for good restaurants. I do admit the service was pretty good and the place relatively clean. However, my biggest compliant was that they only allow one refill for the price of coffee - which is a ripoff.

Review #6515

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