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Chattanooga, Tennessee

Longhorn Restaurant
N Market St In the Durty Nelly's Parking Lot

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Review by: Visitor on 5/21/2011
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Doesn't Apply
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This place is the worst! We decided to try it because reviews said it was an old school breakfast place. Old is right. The food is terrible! I don't know how they stay open. They have plain eggs, the cheapest bacon it was so thin like the nasty precooked stuff you can throw in the microwave, not joking. And they serve wonderbread and frozen soggy hashbrowns. It's not cheap either, they must be making a killing off this place. So it's $8-$10 bucks a person and if you figure it out it's costing them about 50 cents for what they give you. This is seriously the worst breakfast I've ever had.. The waitress was nice though.

Award Nomination: Biggest Ripoff

Review #22465
Review by: Visitor on 9/18/2005
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A very good upgrade from any Waffle House. Biscuits are good. Hashbrowns are good also.

Award Nomination: Best Bargin Breakfast

Review #5910

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