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Nashville, Tennessee

Noshville New York Delicatessen (Green Hills)
4014 Hillsboro Circle
Green Hills Location

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Review by: Visitor on 1/30/2010
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We eat at the Green Hills Noshville every time we are in Nashville. We've never had bad food, never had bad service. The only reason I gave it 4 eggs instead of 5 is that it advertises itself as a NY delicatessen, and while Noshville is very, very good for a southern city, it's not quite New York. But it's great, we love it, and we'll be there again in a few weeks. Can't wait!

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Review by: freshiebeth on 8/22/2005
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This location has gotten off to a rocky start for me.

Much closer to me than the Broadway location, it has convenience, and it's completely nonsmoking which I love, but I'd rather drive downtown to get better service. A waiter has literally asked if we were doing okay while rushing by and not stopping to hear our answer. It was so frustrating! He had to do that 3 times, because he wouldn't stop and listen to the 3 things we needed all at once. We could only get one request in at a time. So frustrating!

The waiters also seem like they don't like each other - there is no camaraderie and it makes the whole restaurant feel uncomfortable. The food I've had there has been consistently bad or incorrect. This new location needs to improve if it's going to last.

Award Nomination: Worst Service

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Review by: Visitor on 5/9/2005
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