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Tucson, Arizona

The Cup Cafe
The Hotel Congress
311 East Congress Street

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Review by: catdog on 5/27/2006
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What can you say? I had high expectations!!!!!! I love the cup for dinner and lunch, but they really need to do away with breakfast.
I could go on and say all the things they need to do to make it better, but I will not.
Nice setting, sure -
The menu is boring, boring, boring and the taste is well boring, boring, boring. I have tried three times - the breakfast burrito, the scrambled eggs and the fried egg in the toast, nothing.
I could barley tell I had food in my mouth! And the cost is well - insane - and for nothing!
Sorry, but I would not go and waist time, money and effort, three times and you are out!

Award Nomination: Biggest Ripoff

Review #7599
Review by: Visitor on 10/2/2004
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Located in the Hotel Congress, a historic landmark where John Dillinger was captured, The Cup Cafe has not only great groovy atmosphere but excellent eats at great prices! Egg lovers check out the Mole In The Hole, the Boom Boom or Eggs and Gunpowder! My favorite is the Parisian Peasant Omlette with fresh thyme, garlic and never overcooked. Great turkey chorizo for any dish, and a great breakfast burrito. Also yummy -- nutmeggy french toast! EXCELLENT COFFEE.

And hey man check out the Hotel Congress -- what a cool place to stay, awesome vintage decor and if you get there early in the year you can help yourself to the gorgeous vintage style Mexican calendars Hotel Congress produces.

Award Nomination: Most Comfortable

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