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Country Club and Grant

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Review by: karens on 8/26/2009
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Heard about Bobo's from the two college students who started an off campus meal plan called ZonaBucks at the University of Arizona. They raved about the place.
Great food. Fresh food. Real reasonable prices.
This is a throwback to the neighborhood diners of the 1950's.

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Review by: GoingGonzo on 6/16/2007
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I've been to Bobo's-- I visited on the strength of this website's recommendation.

The breakfast was unbelievable. I can't imagine not wanting to go back the next time I visit Tucson.

Pancakes are the show at Bobo's-- I had blueberry, and they were spectacular.

Something unusual-- my waitress was also my cook-- she waited tables, manned the register and handled grill duties. Never seen that before-- she was very talented.

Highly recommended.

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Review by: Visitor on 11/5/2006
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I LOVE BOBO's!!! I have been going to Bobo's since I was in high school...Danny is an awesome cook, All of the servers are friendly and work hard to make sure youve got what you want in the early morning in a laid- back, comfortable atmosphere- it surely IS just like MOM's cooking- ONLY BETTER!!! (dont tell her I said that)

I Know I will forever be a BOBO's kid!

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

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Review by: catdog on 5/27/2006
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I LOVE BoBo’s, the staff is attentive, as far as serving you and making sure you have everything you need, though they tend to disappear when it is time for the check, which is not a bad thing we should take more time to digest! Especially after a meal at this diner!!!
The food is GREAT, yes, it is a DINER, which means you may need to take a Tums or two when you are done, but it is worth it.
The scrambled eggs, with salsa and cheese is a mouth celebration that goes on and on and your mouth suddenly must have every last morsel on your plate, so, it can continue the deliciously explosive party for as long as the food lasts. This is a bit of a problem because there is SO much food to eat….
The pancakes are awesome too!!!!
Really your mouth will thank you, your tummy may be a bit pissy, but MAN is it worth it.

Award Nomination: Most Comfortable

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Review by: blackadder1999 on 9/28/2004
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If you like pancakes, I mean if you REALLY like pancakes, then Bobo's is the place for you. It's a greasy spoon, and the service is consistantly mediocre, but the food makes up for all that lacks in personality of wait staff. I reccomend the pecan pancakes, or the blueberry/banana pancakes.

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