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Columbus, Ohio

Jack's Sandwich Shop
52 E. Lynn Street

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Review by: Visitor on 3/17/2004
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Really good food - fast. It's like eating at home. We get huge carry-out orders all the time. Guess what? They're ALWAYS right. No McMistakes.

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

Review #3084
Review by: Visitor on 1/20/2004
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You don't find many spots like Jack's anymore. They have the best waffles I've ever had. The girl on the grill is a whiz too! She's cute & I've never seen quicker cooking - (with accuracy) Where else can you get grits in Downtown Columbus? (PROBABLY EVERYWHERE NOW - JACK'S HAS BEEN SETTING TRENDS FOR YEARS)

For a treat, sit at the counter and join in the ongoing conversation about politics, celebrities, or anything that happens to be on your mind. I'll see you there.

Award Nomination: Best Bargin Breakfast

Review #2828

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