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Prescott, Arizona

Zeke's Eatin' Place
1781 E Highway 69 Suite 35

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Review by: PaulN on 8/13/2005
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I live in Phoenix and whenever I go up to Prescott Valley and have guests along I always take them to Zeke's. This visit on 08/13/05 was very disheartening. The food was fantastic as usual however we waited over 30 minutes for our breakfast to be served and it was not even that busy. The waitress even came by and apologized for the delay and said the manager was working on the problem.People who ordered after we arrived were served before we were. I do not know whether they misplaced my order or what.It was a little embarrassing. Well enough said. Thank you, Paul N.

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Review by: ScottDavis on 8/22/2003
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If you like breakfast this is the place. It is a hidden southwest jewel. They open only for breakfast and dinner. The price is very good. You get portions you would not believe. When you order an omelette here you better plan on elastic pants because you are going to be so full they will roll you out the door. They must use about 5 eggs per omelette with whatever you want in them from sprouts to jalapeno chedder with bacon. I ordered a side of bacon and there were 5 foot long strips. We also ordered biscuts and gravy, it was the best. The pancakes are the size of the plate, about 12" around. The hashbrowns are on a second plate because, you guessed it, no room on your other plates. This food is so great we live in Phoenix and drive 100 miles to Prescott just to eat here. We love Zeke's and I am sure you will too. The service here is very friendly and quick. The juice and coffee is always there. *****

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

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