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Carrboro, North Carolina

Elmo's Diner
Carr Mill Mall

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Review by: mrxmrvlous on 11/8/2009
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Elmo's has a good breakfast and good service, even if the wait is pretty bad on the weekends. While the southwest grits and huevos rancheros are both great choices, the homefries are clearly second rate. They are deep fried cuts of potatoes without any flavoring. Thankfully, they began to allow small french fries a few years ago.

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Review by: falconbird on 7/10/2003
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Elmo's,located in a historic brick mill building sure doesn't look like a diner. Breakfasts are hearty and the owners pride themselves on the restaurant being kid-friendly. Very popular with families and students. You may have to wait to get in but you can have coffee while waiting.

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