Breakfast Restaurant Reviews
Milpitas, California

Omega's Family Restaurant
90 S. Park Victoria

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Review by: hwalsh on 4/1/2008
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Some excellent choices and fairly good pricing. A little worn out but clean.

Review #13211
Review by: Visitor on 1/23/2005
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Typical "family" diner breakfast. Large omlettes, and your coffee gets topped off rapidly. Friendly & attentive service. However, little things like a poor choice of tea (you just get ... tea), a lack of real maple syrup (why do so many go with the fake stuff, I don't know), knock this place down for me. The prices are rougly comparable with other breakfast places like Stacks, but for the same money, I'd go there instead.

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Review by: cezovski on 6/14/2003
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This is a geat place for breakfast! Lots of locals go here!

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

Review #2005

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