Breakfast Restaurant Reviews
Charlottesville, Virginia

The White Spot
1407 University Ave.
(at "The Corner" downtown)

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Review by: BMOCZ on 11/27/2011
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Had breakfast here on election day November 8. Ate in at the counter - had scrambled eggs and bacon. It was good and a first for me to see them deep fry already fried bacon but I noticed other people expressly ordering it that way and it was ok. Here at the White Spot you eat like a KING. The next day, I took along two Gus burgers and fries but I did eat breakfast at The Pigeon Hole those strong ground grits were wonderful and the eggs and sausage flavors just jumped off the place. C'ville just has so very many places to chose from.

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Review by: Visitor on 9/30/2006
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White Spot is ok. Nostalgia and location are primary reason to visit it, not the food, but it's fun and very very greasy.

But whoever listed its address as being in "downtown" Charlottesville has clearly never lived in C-Ville...It is on "The Corner" but it's "The Corner" of GROUNDS (what most colleges refer to as "campus" UVA refers to as "grounds"). "Downtown" is a completely different place, so don't let the erroneous location description fool you.

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Review by: flameworker on 5/10/2006
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The University Diner is no more but that doesn't mean the Grillswith has died. What's a Grillswith?
A heavenly concoction consisting of a glazed donut grilled to sugary crisp chewy perfection with a cool dollop of vanilla ice cream deposited in the donut hole. MMMMMMM! Now you can get them at the White Spot. Just don't tell mom that it's your favorite breakfast...

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

Review #7464
Review by: kaszeta on 7/4/2002
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Every college campus should have a reliable breakfast hangout, the greasier the better.

For Charlottesville and UVa, The White Spot is this place.

The Spot is your basic grease joint located at "The Corner", which sports a decent selection of greasy breakfast items, and lots of college town ambiance.

Also try their specialty for lunch, which is the "Gusburger", an extra greasy well-down burger with a fried egg on it.

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