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Nashville, Tennessee

Noshville New York Delicatessen (Midtown)
1918 Broadway (at 19th)
Midtown Location

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Review by: Janna on 7/8/2007
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My family went to Nashville about seven years ago and we ate at the Noshville Deli three times in a weekend.

The food was amazing, the service impeccable. I have not had a breakfast out that could rival it.

I think I still have one of the kids cups in my cabinet.

I am hoping to go to Nashville again and I will definitely go to the Noshville Deli for more than one of my meals.

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

Review #10779
Review by: freshiebeth on 8/22/2005
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Yum! I eat here all the time. The food may sound pricey but you definitely get what you pay for!

I recommend the Nova plate (served with bagel, cream cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers), the griddle cakes, the omelettes (my boyfriend's favorite is the western), hashbrowns, and the cheese blintzes are definitely unique to Nashville. As for non-breakfast food, the matzoh ball soup is heavenly.

The service is unpredictable - sometimes it's really slow, sometimes it's really friendly, sometimes it's nonexistent. I think it's actually better when they're busy, though.

Review #5748
Review by: orena on 11/20/2003
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Had the Reubin. The meat was only fair quality and the amount on the sandwich was not indicative of the price. Spoke to management who seemed to care less. Had to ask for coffee refill. Date was 11/19/03 at about 12:00 pm.

I will never go back!!!

Award Nomination: Biggest Ripoff

Review #2623
Review by: Amos37190 on 9/13/2002
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I really enjoyed my breakfast. I thought they had a neat and clean envrionmnet.

Award Nomination: Most Comfortable

Review #512
Review by: Visitor on 7/1/2002
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I like Noshville a lot. The portions are HUGE. I sometimes order the bacon and eggs deal, and it's supposed to be two eggs, but they're either giving me 4 or 5, or they're using emu.

I don't go to Noshville when it's busy, but it is one of the few places to eat in Nashville where the food actually lives up to the attitude.

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