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East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Jigger's Diner
145 Main St.
East Greenwich, RI

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Review by: gamer on 12/8/2012
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With the current owners being the 3rd or 4th ownership in recent years, we attempted to try them again. While the place was perhaps half full, we waited about 30 minutes (after being seated with menus) with no further service. We left, which didn't seem to phase anyone.

Wait staff seemed to be more interested in chit chatting between themselves. It wasn't as though they were busy, as no one else came in after us and from the best we could tell, only one party was checked out. Not sure they took any orders within that time and may have seen two parties getting meals, but no one even walked around for coffee.

Don't bother.

Award Nomination: Worst Service

Review #23827
Review by: gamer on 9/5/2011
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Revisted Jiggers after their recent shut down. Definitely NOT the same. Pancakes were small, tough & soggy. Blueberries were scant & tasteless, along with what was claimed to be real maple syrup. Omelets coming off the grill were noted to be browned / overdone & the scrambled eggs were simply cut up a few times with a spatula after being overcooked. Even the coffee did not meet up with expectations.

Review #22607
Review by: gamer on 11/14/2008
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Excellent blueberry pancakes, excellent sausage patties (likely best north of the Carolinas), excellent coffee, home fries, etc. Well worth the trip - quaint, classic New England diner setting.

Review #15347
Review by: MamaMia on 1/23/2003
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Very cool looking place - interior is a lot like that movie "Diner" -- real 50s.

Breakfast is from 6AM to 2 PM daily. On Saturdays, they only serve breakfast. Several varieties of pancakes including gingerbread and cranberry. Their corned beef hash is homemade, as is their patty sausage. One stand out dish is their Johnny Cakes, a specialty pancake from the Civil War.

Review #1213
Review by: jkday on 1/23/2003
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The first time I went to Jigger's, my boyfriend said that he hoped that I wouldn't be disappointed because it was, "you know, standard diner food." Hardly. While the menu does feature standard pancakes and omelettes, the real stand-outs are the specials (vegetable stratas, pumpkin pancakes) and the Rhode Island classics (johnny cakes and coffee milk). Also try the gingerbread or cranberry pancakes. The place also gets major points for atmosphere, as it's a diner car with beautiful wooden booths. It's a great breakfast.

(One word of caution: It is not the most accessible place in the world, so if you are dining with people who have trouble maneuvering narrow aisles, steps and small booths, you might want to think twice.)

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