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Arlington, Virginia

Luna Grill and Diner
4024 Campbell Ave. Arlingtion VA 22206

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Review by: lafoyd on 4/16/2013
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I can tell the previous ratings for this restaurant came from the restaurant owners or their friends. My wife and I saw the restaurant and the rating on Mr. Breakfast and went there solely because of the rating. The wait staff was ok, but not spectacular. But the food was absolutely substandard! I ordered the standard breakfast - 2 eggs, toast, bacon, home fries. Couldn't go wrong with that, right? Wrong! My toast came out as warm bread, not toasted. The eggs were ordered medium, but came out hard - even crispy on the edges. The eggs were so small, I ordered another egg and toast. The toast came out the same - not toasted, just warm, but the egg was ok this time; still small though. My wife ordered eggs benedict. She complained that the english muffin was hard, so they brought a replacement muffin, with which she had to scoop the egg and sauce over to. The muffin was indeed so hard, she couldn't bite into it. I thought she was kidding until she tapped on it with a fork. It had to be drying in open air next to the grill for over a day to be that dry - and they served it! I for one will never go there again. If you're hard up for a breakfast, choose McDonald's or Denny's, but avoid this place! Its in downtown Shirlington.

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Review by: Visitor on 3/26/2013
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I had their pancakes and they were awesome.

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

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