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Bellevue, Washington

Paddy Coynes
700 Bellevue Way N.E.
Bellevue, WA 98004

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Review by: daDad on 11/13/2012
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Sunday brunch at the mall...fortunately this mall has an Irish Pub! Nothing wrong so far...ordered a bloody Mary! Irish = corned beef and potatoes, right! So of course I ordered the CBH and mrs d ordered "rashers" with her eggs (no ham steak on the menu). We anxiously awaited our culinary return to Ireland (we were in Dublin a few years ago...)! Well not so much, nothing was very tasty, was almost like the corned beef and rashers had passed thier use by date. Not bad just no flavor...Was kinda we have had a great breakfast at the Tacoma location!

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Review by: bonnie-p on 11/12/2012
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They only do breakfast on the weekends, but it's very good with a lot of traditional Irish stuff. I like their corned beef hash a lot. And the Irish Breakfast Platter was good too. I'm not Irish so a couple things were new to me on the menu, like black pudding and rashers (which was just like thick bacon). Prices are okay. It cost about $20 for two of us to eat breakfast.

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