Jose Ole Breakfast Quesadillas
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Jose Ole Breakfast Quesadillas

From Windsor Foods
Reviewed by Mr Breakfast on 11/11/2009

And the award for the Most Deceptive Packaging of a Breakfast Product for 2009 goes to... Jose Ole Breakfast Quesadillas.

The box is enticing. Delicately scrambled eggs, colorful peppers and perfectly browned bacon pieces are joined together by the smooth flow of three distinct cheeses. The fillings are so abundant they seem to burst from the tortilla.

In reality, the filling is a block of homogeneous ingredients whose texture resembles mashed potatoes or Pennsylvania scrapple more than any quesadilla I've ever encountered. They don't burst from the tortilla. They are hidden within... shrouded by the tortilla.

Jose Ole Breakfast Quesadillas

That being said, Jose Ole Breakfast Quesadillas taste alright. If you crave a Mexican-style breakfast, this product has the ability to satisfy... the same way a $.49 cent frozen burrito can satisfy, but not necessarily please, your senses. They're mildly spicy and, while your taste buds might not be able to identify the individual ingredients, they will conclude that it's a Mexican-style food product.

I gave this product every chance in the world to succeed. Here's my notes:

Microwave Cooking Method:
- Tortilla is chewy and tough on edges
- Filling tasty, pleasantly spicy - consistency of mashed potatoes

Oven Cooking Method:
- 20 minutes is a long time
- Parts of the tortilla that were chewy in microwave are now overly crispy
- Tortilla tastes more bready; No change to filling texture and taste

Pan Fry Cooking Method:
- Best results for tortilla... nicely browned; even texture
- Filling is still cold after 14 minute recommended frying time
- Takes 18 minutes for filling to be warm enough to eat
- Tortilla crisp and warm; Filling barely over room temperature

Conclusion: Microwave is best method despite chewy tortilla

On the plus side, this product is an easy way to get 43% of your daily requirement of cholesterol and 20% of your saturated fat needs. That's a joke. I didn't like this product and I don't recommend it.

The price we paid: $2.99

 (2 out of 7 Golden Eggs)
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