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Idaho City, Idaho

Calamity Jayne's in Idaho City
Calamity Jayne's
201 Main Street
Idaho City, ID 83631

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Review by: Visitor on 3/11/2014
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I am not an Idaho City resident. I live in Texas, actually, visited Boise two years ago to give a talk at the library downtown. My hosts drove me up to IC--snow plows had kept the road open--had drop biscuits and gravy by the wood burning stove in Calamity Jayne's.

Terrific food, wonderful people, unforgettable atmosphere -- as I remember there is a little biography of the real Calamity Jane with the menus. Speculating about the origin of her name--she helped people in trouble, she was always in trouble? I didn't have the heart to tell them, "calamity" was a frontier euphemism for syphilis. "Stay away from ol' Jane, I hear she's got th' calamity!"

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Review by: tonylovesmary on 2/8/2010
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UPDATE: Idaho City is located off State Highway 21, NOT State Highway 22.

Sorry about that.

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Review by: tonylovesmary on 2/7/2010
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Calamity Jayne's is on Main Street, just off State Highway 22 in Idaho City. Because it's off the highway there's a good chance you wouldn't see it if you didn't go looking for it.

This would be a terrible shame.

Calamity Jayne's is one of those places you wish you had in your own home town -- the staff are friendly, the food is uber-wholesome and great tasting, and the portions are sized for hungry people.

Breakfast is served all day, which if course should raise your opinion of the restaurant...

Almost everything is made from scratch. The drop-style biscuits are flaky and perfect, the steak is cooked just as you want it, the breakfast potatoes (home-style) are excellent, and, of course, the eggs cap a perfect meal.

Get off the highway! Step back in time, to around 1863 during the "Idaho Gold Rush," and enjoy breakfast and friendly service the way it used to be. I don't know you, but I know you'll like Calamity Jayne's.

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

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