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Wakefield, Rhode Island

Bluebird Cafe in Wakefield
Bluebird Cafe
554 Kingstown Road
Quo Vadis Shopping Center

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Review by: gamer on 7/19/2014
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Basic breakfast in a very noisy setting. Service was excellent, even when at capacity on a Saturday morning. Coffee was average. We choose blueberry pancakes. While filled with plump blueberries, they were two perhaps medium-sized pancakes - OK for a senior, but smaller than expected for the price. Overall, pricing was perhaps 20% more than it should have been.

On the plus side, they had buckwheat plus an option for real maple syrup. On the downside, they supplied margarine instead of butter. Their buckwheat pancakes were not up to the flavor I've enjoyed elsewhere. I should have gone with the regular ones.

Didn't try the eggs, but their home fries looked very appetizing.

Might go back, but not sure.

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Review by: mlhunter on 1/31/2010
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This is our favorite place. The huevos rancheros and pollo rancheros are to die for. The service is excellent, it has a fun, relaxed atmosphere, and the wait is usually not long. It is great for families. The kids can color and there is a huge selection of great kids' books to read while you're waiting, even though that's never long. Their black beans are great, as well as the biscuits.

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