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Albuquerque, New Mexico

Just Muffin Around in Albuquerque
Just Muffin Around
4400 Wyoming Blvd. Northeast
SE corner of Montogomery and Wyoming

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Review by: Visitor on 5/5/2010
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Just tried JMA. It was the best establishment I have been in for quite some time. The muffins are incredible. They are light and fluffy and don't seem to be ladened with oil or sugar as other muffins are. The breakfast is very filling and the price outshines others (the Range Cafe) in the area. The service is exceptional. Order at the counter and help yourself to all the coffee you want. I did try the lunch and it was just as exceptional as breakfast.

Award Nomination: Best Service

Review #19964
Review by: Visitor on 2/1/2010
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This little restuarant has the best burrito's! I have also tried a sandwich (the blue eyed bessie) and it was AWESOME! The muffins....are out of this world. They have very unusual flavors and keep the flavors roatating so you never get bored. They are worth checking out.

Award Nomination: Best Breakfast Ever

Review #19207
Review by: pashunitboutfoo on 1/18/2010
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The Breakfasts are pretty good.They have great service, the people are the nicest.The coffee is fantastic. On the other hand the muffins, I have tried a few different flavors, have no flavor at all until you get a bite of the "mix-in" and still not too tasty.

Review #19064

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