Breakfast Restaurant Reviews
North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Oatley's Family Restaurant
1717 Ten Rod Rd (Corner of Rt2 and Rt102)
North Kingstown, RI

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Review by: gamer on 11/14/2008
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Coffee, home fries & eggs are average / fair. Homemade breads are excellent. Quaint, family atmosphere, but nothing special.

Review #15354
Review by: Visitor on 9/10/2008
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Great food with friendly service. Food was served in a very timely fashion piping hot! Excellent hometown atmosphere also!

Award Nomination: Best Service

Review #14815
Review by: pdalton on 8/25/2008
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Have to admit we were disappointed with Oatley's. We expected a better breakfast. The coffee was weak, almost to the point it tasted watered down. The home fries were bland as was the breakfast steak I had. Just a hunk of meat slapped on a plate. No seasoning at all. There are a lot of other breakfast places in the area around North Kingstown that are much better with a better selection. Oh, the wife said her white toast was good. Appears to be homemade. I had rye toast. It appeared store bought.

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